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Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University
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Course of Industrial Technology of Medicines

Tel: +375(212) 64-81-36
Address: 210009, Vitebsk, 27 Frunze avenue, main academic building, 3rd floor, rooms 301, 306
Head of the course – Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor Kotliar Svetlana Ivanovna

Educational process 

Since January 2010, the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology (now Industrial Technology) conducts the course of the Faculty of Advanced Training "Biopharmaceutical aspects of drug development and quality control problems". The curriculum and the program of the course of the Faculty of Advanced Training and Retraining are designed for 80 hours of education (two weeks) with a day release (full-time form of training of students).

Biopharmacy is the main direction in pharmaceutical technology. The development of new medicines is carried out nowadays from the perspective of biopharmaceutical research.

It is biopharmation that is the fundamental basis for the creation, production, quality assurance and use of officinal medicines. It deeply considers the influence of pharmaceutical factors on the bioavailability of medicines.

The general principles of organization of drug production by pharmaceutical enterprises, the pharmaceutical industry of the Republic of Belarus, the features of industrial production of medicines, priority directions for the development of the pharmaceutical industry of the Republic of Belarus are considered. GMP Rules. The technical code of the established practice of the Republic of Belarus. Good manufacturing practice. TCP 030- 2013 (02040).

The main criterion for the quality of dosage forms is bioavailability. Absolute and relative bioavailability, standard dosage forms, methods of evaluation are studied.

The following methods are considered: methods for determining bioavailability: pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic; determination of bioavailability in single and repeated administration of medicinal substances; methods and devices for determining the bioavailability of drugs in vivo, in situ, in vitro; devices that imitate the conditions of absorption in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT); absorption of medicinal substances in the gastrointestinal tract, in the muscles, through the skin; absorption mechanisms in the digestive tract: passive diffusion, convective diffusion, active transport, facilitated active transport, endocytosis (phagocytosis, pinocytosis); influence of physical and chemical properties of medicinal substances on absorption (lipophilic-hydrophilic balance, degree of ionization, etc.).
Questions of pharmaceutical development of drugs from the perspective of biopharmation and taking into account technical codes of established practices are introduced.
Classes are held on schedule in accordance with the curriculum and educational and educational-methodical plans.
In order to improve the level of professional training, the program provides for lecturing, conducting practical classes, and final attestation.
The program provides the following forms of control of professional knowledge, skills and attainments:
• preliminary examination (before the beginning of classes) - test control;
• current certification (in the process of training) - daily interviews and situational tasks;
• final attestation - in the form of an abstract.