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Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University
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Educational process at the Chair of Toxicological and Analytical Chemistry

At the department students of the 2-6 years of the pharmaceutical faculty of intramural and extramural forms of higher education are taught. Students of the pharmaceutical faculty study the theoretical bases of analytical chemistry, methods and methods of quantitative determination of inorganic and organic substances. At laboratory sessions students master highly sensitive methods of detection and quantitative determination of biologically active substances using modern analytical instruments (spectrophotometer, fluorimeter, gas and liquid chromatographs, etc.). The purpose of laboratory studies on toxicological chemistry is to study methods for isolating, cleaning, detecting and quantifying toxic substances in biological material, food products and environmental objects. In the classroom, students master the basic techniques of TLC-screening of drug compounds using the example of alkaloids, barbiturates and synthetic drugs of a basic nature.
List of taught disciplines

The academic disciplines assigned to the department:

    "Analytical chemistry"
    “Toxicological chemistry”

Elective disciplines:

    "Methods of sample preparation in analytical chemistry" (Associate Professor V.M. Ershik)
    "Thin-layer chromatography in pharmaceutical analysis" (Associate Professor M.L. Pivovar)