General information about the Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Training facilities
Educational process
Research work
Students’ research work

Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology was established in 1935.

The chair was headed by:
1935 - 1938 - Associate professor G.A. Krol
1939 - 1941 - Professor M.S. Naydich
1946 - 1948 - Associate professor G.Z. Lurye
1948 -1958 - Professor G.E. Gofman
1959 - 1989 - Professor N.F. Lyzikov
1989 - 1991 - Associate professor N.I. Harevich
1991 - 1999 - Professor L.Ya. Suprun
1999 -2016 - Professor S.N. Zanko
Since 2016 - Professor N.I. Kiseleva

Currently, six doctors of Medical Sciences, professors Radetskaya L.E., Kiseleva N.I., Zhukova N.P., Arestova I.M., Semenov D.M., Lysenko O.V., six associate professors Matsuganova T.N., Kozhar E.D., Bresskiy A.G., Deikalo N.S., Zanko Y.V., Dedul M.I., Prusakova O.I., a senior lecturer Kolbasova E.A, who is in charge for training and methodological support of the Department, three assistants Rozhdestvenskaya T.A., Kovalev E.V., Ogrizko I.N., two trainee teachers Averchenkova A.A. and Kononenko I.S. work at the department. The invaluable assistance in the work of the department is maintained by laboratory assistants Krupskaya S.N., Gavryushina N.V. and Kontsevaya A.A.

The department trains fourth, fifth and sixth-year students of Medical Faculty and Overseas Training Faculty as well as the fourth-year students of Stomatological Faculty. A large educational and methodical work is conducted to create teaching materials for studying obstetrics and gynecology, and a program of practical training, a remote training system is introduced.

The department conducts scientific researches on topical issues of obstetrics (prediction of complications in pregnancy, diagnosis and treatment of placental insufficiency, intrauterine growth restriction) and gynecology (diagnosis and treatment of cervical pathology, hyperplastic processes, menopausal disorders). The research results are being actively implemented in the educational process and the work of practical health care.

The staff of departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics have published the first magazine "Maternal and child care" in the Republic of Belarus, dedicated to the issues of reproductive health. This magazine is included in the list of publications, which materials are recommended by HAC of the Republic of Belarus in preparing to defend the degree of candidate and doctor of medical sciences.

Since 1948, the scientific student club has been working at the department, which many employees of the department graduated from to become medical specialists.

Employees of the department, as the highest and first category doctors, provide planned and emergency medical advice at obstetrical institutions of Vitebsk, Vitebsk and Mogilev regions. They conduct clinical conferences, seminars, participate in the work of commissions to assess the quality of the provided medical advice, and implement new methods of diagnosis and treatment.