Educational process at the Chair of General and Clinical Biochemistry

The following disciplines are assigned to the department:

    Biological chemistry (taught to students of the 2nd course of the General Medicine faculty, the 3rd course of the Pharmaceutical faculty, 1-2 courses of the Stomatological faculty, OSTF in the specialty of Medical Care, Pharmacy, Stomatology).
    Clinical laboratory diagnostics (taught to students of the 6th course of the General Medicine faculty).
    Course at the Faculty of Advanced Training and Retraining in the specialty "Clinical laboratory diagnostics".
    Elective course for students of the 2nd course of the General Medicine faculty "Medical Biochemistry".

Theoretical and practical training of students is conducted by lecturing, laboratory classes in accordance with the curriculum, as well as by preparing abstracts, situational problems solving, as well as participation in the work of scientific conferences, academic competitions, etc.. Controlling the level of students' preparation is carried out through recitation in classrooms, reviewing abstracts, current and examination testing, and the final exam.