Practical skills and medical simulation learning centre

 photo  Rednenko Victor Valentinovich

Head of the centre - Colonel of Military Service, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Rednenko Victor Valentinovich


Practical skills and medical simulation learning centre of the Educational Establishment " Vitebsk State Order of Peoples' Friendship Medical University" (hereinafter referred to as the Center) is an educational center for collective access that implements modern organizational forms and methods of teaching in medical education as part of the development of continuing professional education in the healthcare field.
The work of the Center is aimed at the formation and improvement of professional competencies of students through the use of simulation training technologies.

The educational base of the Center:

• the main one is the University Clinic (3rd floor);
• additional - special medical unit of the University (stationary base, main building of the university);
• field-type - medical special unit of the University (mobile base).

The structure of the educational process at the Center provides a step-by-step sequence and continuity in mastering practical skills in the programs of higher, postgraduate and additional education, including elective and optional courses and elective disciplines:

• 1 stage (1st and 2nd year) - practical skills in patient care, patient transportation, technical training for working with medical devices and instruments (preparation for work, troubleshooting, maintenance, safety), training of skills of paramedical personnel;
• 2nd stage (3rd year) - development of skills of paramedical personnel, basic medical skills of acute and emergency medical care;
• 3rd stage (4th year) - development of individual skills in providing emergency and planned medical care in various clinical situations (assistance with traumatic, hypovolemic, anaphylactic, cardiogenic shock, sudden death, rhythm disturbance, myocardial infarction, etc.);
• 4th stage (5th year) - development of group coherence (simultaneous work of several specialists), training of skills in providing emergency medical care in various clinical situations with the dynamics of the patient's condition;
• 5th stage (6th year) - development of high-tech practical skills in the specialties of Pre-Graduate Internship, expert assessment of the level of the formed general medical skills (technical, individual, group).

The Center provides a three-step sequence in the development of practical skills in the programs of training the population for first aid:

• 1st  stage - training of citizens;
• 2nd  stage - training of workers in high-risk occupations;
• 3rd stage - training of teachers of educational institutions that teach the basics of medical knowledge.

The Center conducts:

• practical classes with students;
• elective courses and optional courses;
• individual and group supplementary classes under the guidance of teachers and students-tutors;
• training sessions for students-tutors;
• attestation, including the technology of OSCE;
• training seminars with population and employees of high-risk occupations;
• practical training to train teachers of non-medical education institutions on the basics of medical knowledge and first aid at the scene.