Educational process at the Chair of Therapy №1

List of the disciplines taught:

    "General medical practice"
    «Clinical Pharmacology»

Organization of educational process

Cardiology (for doctors-specialists of therapeutic profile) - 4 weeks.

Cardiology from the position of evidence based medicine (for cardiologists, medical specialists of therapeutic profile, other specialists) - 2 weeks.

Selected issues of therapeutic pathology. The organization of medical care (for heads of health care institutions, their deputies, physicians, general practitioners, geriatric doctors, other specialist doctors) - 2 weeks.

Functional diagnostics of cardiovascular and cerebral pathology (for physicians of functional diagnostics, general practitioners, neurologists, other specialist doctors) - 2 weeks.

Emergency conditions and resuscitation in cardiology (for anaesthesiologists-resuscitators, cardiologists, emergency doctors, other specialist doctors) - 2 weeks.

Clinical electrocardiography (for interns in the specialties "Therapy" and "General Practice") - 2 weeks.

Clinical cardiology (for interns in the specialties "Therapy" and "General Practice") - 2 weeks.

Primary and secondary prevention of chronic non-infectious diseases. Clinical examination (for the heads of therapeutic departments, general practitioners, occupational physicians, other specialist doctors) - 2 weeks.

Clinical pharmacology in the professional activity of the pharmacist (for pharmacists).

Selected issues for the provision of cardiac and neurological care (for doctors - cardiologists, doctors - neurologists, doctors - therapists, district physicians, general practitioners, other specialist doctors).

High-tech types of cardiac care. Basic principles of interventional and arrhythmological care. Rehabilitation of patients after high-tech interventions (for cardiologists, general practitioners, district physicians, doctors of health care organizers, other specialist doctors).

The department carries out the methodical management of interns for therapy and general medical practice in Vitebsk and Mogilev regions, conducts an intermediate certification and acceptance of the state examination.