Belarus Association of Allergology & Clinical Immunology (BAACI)

The Belarus Association of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (BAACI) is a society of specialists who are working professionally in the area of allergology and immunology. The main goal of BAACI is integration of scientific and practical potential of its members for effective developing of allergology and immunology. BAACI is a member of World Allergy Organisation (WAO) from 2013.

BAACI was established in 1998.

BAACI is a non-government public organization based on a voluntary principle, which combines allergologists and immunologists, scientists, biologists, pharmaceutists, research workers and those who are involved in pedagogical and practical activities in the field of allergology and immunology, as well as specialists working out new medical equipment and medicine.

Main goals of BAACI:

  • promoting the development of new methods for the diagnosis and treatment of allergic and immunopathological diseases;
  • Promoting the widespread adoption of the achievements of science and technology and pharmacology in practical allergology and immunology;
  • improving the organization and development of allergological and immunological services in various regions of Belarus;
  • assistance in the dynamic observation of immunopathology in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, especially in the Chernobyl zone;
  • conducting a system of measures to improve the professional skills of members of the association;
  • expanding and deepening the special knowledge of practicing doctors - allergologists and immunologists;
  • propaganda of the achievements of medical science in the field of immunology, allergology and related disciplines among doctors, specialists, the medical community and the population.

To achieve the goals, BAACI:

holds congresses, seminars, conferences and other events for the exchange of experience in various aspects of allergology, immunology and related disciplines;

together with scientific institutions and healthcare enterprises (including with foreign companies and organizations) organizes methodological events for the development, development and further implementation of the achievements of science and technology in medical practice;

participates in congresses and conferences organized by related scientific, scientific and technical societies, associations, academies of sciences, public organizations, including foreign ones;

carries out charity work;

participates in the development of promising and current plans for the development of healthcare, draft resolutions on further improvement of allergological and immunological services;

participates in the organization of advanced training courses and faculties of specialists working in the field of allergology, immunology and related disciplines, schools and seminars for the exchange of experience;

participates in public examinations of projects in the field of allergology and related disciplines;

carries out publishing, informational activities in the manner prescribed by law; including the establishment of its own printed organ;

participates in the development and production of allergens, diagnostic tools and equipment;

participates in the organization of a mutual exchange of specialists, interns, as well as ideas and experience working with other associations of other countries;

participates in the social and legal protection of the interests of the association and its members in state, public and scientific organizations;

the association may carry out other activities not inconsistent with applicable law and this Charter.

BAACI structure:

Chairman - Professor Novikau Dmitry Kuzmich, MD, head of the Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergology with the course of the advanced training faculty and personnel retraining, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (since 2000), the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences (since 1998) and the International Academy sciences of information, information processes and technologies (since 1997).

Secretary - associate professor Ishchanka Oksana Vladimirovna, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of clinical immunology and allergology the advanced training faculty and personnel retraining.

Treasurer - Aliakhnovich Natalia Sergeevna - PhD, MD, associate professor of the department of clinical immunology and allergology the advanced training faculty and personnel retraining.

Board members:

Professor Generalov I.I.

Associate Professor Aliakhnovich N.S.

Professor Titova N.D.

Professor Novikau P.D.

Professor Novikova V.I.

Professor Vykhristsenkа L.R.

Associate Professor V. Yanchanka

Associate Professor Siamionava I.V.

Professor Gurina N.S.

Professor Karpuk I.Yu.

Assistant Shchurok I.N.