International projects

Currently realized international project

"Quality improvement of medical service using informational technologies for diagnostics of skin cancer and lung cancer"

The named project is realized at Vitebsk State Medical University (international number of the project: LLB-2-242)

The project will be realized in the frames of the "Program of cooperation of European partnership"

Beneficiary of the project is Belarusian National Technical University (Minsk, the Republic of Belarus). Partners of the project: the Republican National Center of oncology named after N.N. Alexandrov (Minsk, the Republic of Belarus), educational establishment "Vitebsk State Order of Peoples' Friendship Medical University" (Vitebsk, the Republic of Belarus), Vilnus university, Faculty of mathematics and informatics (Lithuania, Vilnus).

ACTUALITY: Currently, there is growth of cancer of skin and lungs, which is the ethnic problem. The project activates bilateral cross-border cooperation leading national health care institutions in the field of oncology, who will receive innovative, efficient, based on the use of information technology tool that allows to conduct the qualitative diagnosis of diseases of the skin and lungs, taking into account the features of the disease. To ensure the quality of diagnosis it is planned to develop large international database of information relating to the diagnosis of skin cancer and lung cancer.

AIMS: The project aims to improve the health care system in the Republic of Belarus and the partner countries and to promote intercultural communication leading scientific institutions and health care institutions and expansion of professional knowledge and diagnostic capabilities in the field of oncology specialists participating countries.

RESULTS AND PRODUCTS: The project will improve the quality of services in health care system in the early diagnosis of lung cancer and skin through the use of information technology. The unified database will be developed. Scientific and medical staff from Belarus and Lithuania will participate in joint training, which beneficially affect the quality of medical services.