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“Transabdominal ultrasound examination contracted with polyethylene glycol solution of the small and large intestine of healthy subjects and patients with inflammatory bowel diseases: new possibilities”

Certificate of registration of foreign gratuitous aid No. 03-06/58 dated 02.21.2019 with the Limited Liability Company Takeda Osteuropa Holding GmbH (the Republic of Austria) in the Republic of Belarus represented by the Head of the Representative Office of this Company, Mr. Koki Sato. Head of the project: Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Pimanov S.I.


Currently, among the non-invasive imaging methods for the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease, the ultrasound method is comparable in accuracy with CT Scan and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). To date a popular research method has appeared: transabdominal ultrasound contrast assessment of the intestine.

Prospects for transabdominal ultrasound contrast examination of the colon for assessing the activity and complications of inflammatory bowel disease in patients have been published in recent researches and guidelines. This may facilitate make this research the mainstay in the control of patients with inflammatory bowel disease.


The aim of this study: to develop a methodology for sequential transabdominal ultrasound examinations of the small and large intestine with contrast in healthy subjects and in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases, using polyethylene glycol for oral ingestion, which improves the visualization of standardized structural characteristics of the intestine. 


An improvement in ultrasound visualization of the small and large intestine wall was determined when using a two-stage version of the intestine oral contrasting method by polyethylene glycol.