The conference on "Bioethics and the modern problems of medical ethics and deontology."

IMG 4726The Republican scientific-practical conference "Bioethics and the modern problems of medical ethics and deontology" participated by international specialists launched its work on December 2 at our medical university. This conference, to be the first in the history of independent Belarus, mainstreams the problems of medical ethics and deontology in the modern development of health care, medical science and education.

The purpose of this event is to get acquainted with theoretical foundations and to define the problems of biomedical and biopharmaceutical ethics; actualization of moral culture and medical ethics as the most important components of professional competence of the health care worker and as key factors in enhancing the effectiveness of modern medical practice; exchange of scientific and methodical experience in teaching of biomedical ethics and deontological education of medical students.

The conference program included two plenary and two breakout sessions on biomedical ethics issues and deontology of medical activities, as well as a round table on the problems of bioethics education and training of a future doctor and the work of pedagogical media "Problems of biomedical ethics through vision of a modern student."

Leading experts of the Republic of Belarus as well as speakers from Russia and Ukraine took the stage at the conference presenting 57 speeches.

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