Educational process at the Chair of Clinical Immunology and Allergology

Teaching is conducted:

    5th year - clinical immunology and allergology.
    6th year - clinical immunopathology for subordinators according to the specialty.
    Advanced training and retraining faculty - clinical immunopathology and allergology for physicians according to the specialty.

Computer technologies in the educational process

An important element of teaching at the department is the use of modern computer technologies. Without the ability to use the computer and search engines, as well as special medical and biological programs, modern doctor training is impossible. Quick and objective access to information is the key to making the right decision. Teaching students and physicians to search for the necessary scientific and medical information in the field of immunology and allergology is one of the most important tasks successfully solved by our department. Thus, using the electronic database of the National Center for Biotechnological Information of the United States, the search for comprehensive information on a medical question of interest is demonstrated. The role of CD molecules of cytokines and other biologically active molecules is studied using a database containing information on gene knockout. Analysis of the spatial structure of biologically active molecules and analysis of the common antigenic determinants of drugs and chemicals is carried out using a database of structural analysis of known proteins and nucleic acids. Slideshows that are prepared on the basis of the best international journals are used. Studying such information, students and doctors quickly and with great interest absorb the most advanced achievements concerning immunology, anti-infectious immunity, new immunotropic drugs. Thanks to computer technologies, they receive in-depth, timely knowledge of the section of medicine that we teach.

The department participates in the creation of an educational site on immunology-allergology together with the Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergology of the Moscow Sechenov Medical Academy (, closely interacts with other profile departments of Russia (Kuban, Smolensk, Tver Medical Academy, Russian and Kursk Medical Universities).