Course of Clinical Immunology and Allergology

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Address: 210009, Vitebsk, 27 Frunze avenue
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Head of the course - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Yanchenko Vladimir Viliyaninovich

Educational process

Immunology and allergology is one of the most dynamically developing areas of medicine, the achievements of which are constantly used in the daily practice of every modern doctor. In this regard, in 2015 the staff of the department developed new programs for refresher courses:

    "Allergic and immunopathological diseases in dentistry" - for dental specialists;
    "Immunopathology and allergopathology of the upper respiratory tract" - for otorhinolaryngologists, pediatricians, district pediatricians, other specialist doctors;
    "Immunodeficiency and allergic lung diseases" - for allergists, pulmonology doctors, physicians-therapists, pediatricians;
    "Principles of immunotherapy and immunocorrection" - for all medical specialists
    "Allergology and immunology in the professional work of a doctor" - for all specialist doctors;
    "Medicinal products for the treatment of immunodeficiency and allergic diseases" is intended to improve the skills of all pharmacists.

Training on the course of the Faculty of Training and Retraining of the department is organized using traditional and modern teaching and information resources (computer presentations of lectures, practical classes, etc.), as well as interactive resources in the local computer network of institutions of higher education and the Internet.