Educational process at the Chair of Psychology and Pedagogics

The activity of the department is organized in the following directions:

The first direction is the implementation of a comprehensive program for the formation of the psychological competence of the future doctor and pharmacist. Within the framework of this direction, the following disciplines are taught at the department:

Fundamentals of psychology and pedagogy (in English as well);
Psychology of interpersonal relations;
Fundamentals of family education;
Pedagogy and psychology of higher education (for undergraduates).

The second direction is vocational training (retraining in the correspondence form of education for managers, deputy heads and teachers of educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus) within the faculty of advanced training and retraining in pedagogy and psychology.

The third direction - the department carries out continuous psychological training of medical specialists and develops the problem of the psychology of therapeutic cooperation and the preparation for it of a doctor and a pharmacist together with the departments of therapy of the faculty of training and retraining No. 1 and No. 2, Management and Economy of Pharmacy, general and clinical pharmacology, pharmacognosy.