Faculty of Overseas Students Training

VSMU has great experience in training specialists for foreign countries. Representatives from 39 countries get higher medical and pharmaceutical education become doctors, pharmacists and dentists.

By the decision of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus VSMU gained the right to train specialists for foreign countries. In September 1981 the first foreigner from Tanzania Mtita Mganga Isdory arrived to Vitebsk, another 52 representatives from 21 countries followed the first student and started their studied here. The first dean of the Faculty of overseas students training faculty became professor M.A.Nikolsky.

The university trains physicians, pharmacists and dentists for South-East Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan), Africa (Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Morocco, Tanzania, Mali, Sudan, Somalia Ethiopia, Uganda, Nigeria), Arab countries (Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan), Latin America (Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cambodia, El Salvador), France, Sweden, Norway. University graduates work successfully in more than 100 countries around the world, including USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Australia, etc.

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To assist international students in mastering their chosen specialty in 1981 the Department of Russian language was established at VSMU. The department was headed by the graduate of the University of Peoples' Friendship named after Patrice Lumumba, associate Professor V.V. Beliy.

Organizational and methodical work is aimed at improvement of educational process, high quality of training for foreign countries. Since 1989 the Institute opened preparatory department for foreign citizens aimed to provide students with good grounding in Russian language and core subjects, as well as successful adaptation to study at the university. The first listeners of the preparatory course became 15 Lebanese citizens. During the work of the Preparatory Department of VSMU listeners from 53 countries of Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Southeast Asia attended the course.

The first foreign student admitted for training on specialty "Pharmacy", became the citizen of Rwanda Bizimana Mukamana Dansyl. The first graduates of masters of pharmacy left the university in 1995 and the first diploma was received by Lebanese citizen Ibrahim Ghazal Kafal.

The number of foreign students is constantly increasing. In 1997 the faculty for training specialists for foreign countries was created in VSMU and became one of the first in the Republic of Belarus.

In 2001 six students stated their studies on specialty "Dentistry". In September 2002 our department was one of the first in the country to begin training of foreign citizens on speciality "General medicine" using English and Russian languages.

During the years of existence the university developed and approved relevant regulations, curricula and programs, purchased and published special literature, created educational-methodical complexes, 86 teachers received certificate of completion - "Peculiarities of training of foreign citizens in English". In September 2013 the first group on speciality "Dentistry" stated their studies at the university with English and Russian language of studies. Expansion and renovation of material and technical base of the University allows increasing the number of foreign citizens arriving for training.

fpig 2In 2005 the goal of the university was achieved: the number of foreign students exceeded 500 and remained stable in the following years. Every seventh student of VSMU is a foreigner. It is the best indicator in the Republic of Belarus.

Representatives from 39 countries now study at the university. Foreign citizens are trained on specialities "General medicine", "Pharmacy" and "Dentistry", continue postgraduate training in clinical internship, and study at preparatory course.

Profile training in particular specialties is maintained while studies in clinical internship. Graduates may choose from wide range of specialties - surgery, pediatrics, cardiology, otolaryngology, urology, oncology, traumatology, ophthalmology, clinical and laboratory diagnosis, and others.

The faculty of overseas students training of VSMU admits foreign citizens regardless of race, nationality, sex, language or religion. Foreign citizens, who study in the Republic of Belarus, shall have the same rights and freedoms and bear the same responsibilities as citizens of the Republic of Belarus, unless otherwise provided by the laws of the Republic of Belarus.

NB! VSMU concludes contracts with juridical bodies that provide search of foreign citizens for studies without financial obligations.

Staff of the Faculty of Overseas Students Training:

Dean of the Faculty V.V. Pabiarzhyn (room № 137)

Phone: +375 212 60-14-18

Deputy Dean of Educational Work (senior courses) F.I. Vysotskaya (room № 135)

Phone: +375 212 64-50-27

Deputy Dean of Educational Work (2 and 3 courses) M.Y. Orlova (room № 102)

Deputy Dean of Educational Work (preliminary training course and 1 course) (room № 102)

Deputy Dean for Pedagogical Work M.A. Senkovich (room № 135)

Phone: +375 212 64-50-27

Deputy Dean for Social Issues V.N. Golubev (room № 136)

Phone: +375 212 64-81-72

Secretary K.A. Bondareva (room № 137)

Phone: +375 212 60-14-18

Inspectors of the Overseas Students Training Faculty:

Senior Inspector N.N. Yuschenko

Senior Inspector T.E. Kletskova

Senior Inspector T.A. Vasilchenko

(room № 138)

Phone: +375 212 64-81-72

Senior Inspector M.I. Bobkova (room № 135)

Phone: +375 212 64-50-27

Senior Inspector N.V. Pischikova

Senior Inspector A.O. Barashenko

(room № 136)

Phone: +375 212 64-81-72

Inspector Y.A. Soldatchenko

(room № 102)

Contact information:

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210009, Vitebsk, the Republic of Belarus
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