Postgraduate training in VSMU

Clinical residency

clin ord igGraduates may wish to continue their medical education in clinical residency. The range of subjects is very wide – 62 specialities. The Postgraduate study is a study after obtaining the Magister Degree.

The study at the Clinical Residency lasts 2-5 years in accordance with Educational program verified by the Ministry of Health. It includes theoretical and practical studies.

During the course of studies the resident fulfils all practical duties of the practioner of a clinical department.

clin ord ig 2The studies are carried out individually. Assimilation of practical skills is carried out by means of rotary in different departments. The resident is on duty twice a month. Besides, his duty is to take part in activities of the department and clinic: general rounds, examinations, case reports, operations and conferences. With the help of this he gets familiar with experts, organizations and management of health protection institutions.

The participation of clinical resident in research work is encouraged.

At the end of each academic year clinical resident reports about the fulfillment of the individual plan and passes the attestation.

After the Residency Training a specialist takes an exam which includes tests of theoretical and practical disciplines and is awarded the Certificate of Postgraduate Education.

A specialist can continue his studies in Postgraduate Training on General Medicine (3-4 years).

Admission to clinical residency of VSMU

Specialities of clinical residency

Name of speciality Qualification
Obstetrics and gynecology Doctor-obstetrician-gynecologist
Allergology and immunology Doctor-allergologist-immunologist
Anesthesiology and reanimatology Doctor-anesthetist-emergency physician
Gastroenterology Doctor-gastroenterologist
Hematology  Doctor-hematologist
Genetics Doctor-geneticist
Dermatovenerology Doctor-dermatovenerologist
Pediatric surgery Pediatric surgeon
Infectious diseases Doctor-infectiologist 
Cardiology Doctor-cardiologist
Cardio surgery Doctor-cardiac surgeon
Clinical laboratory diagnostics Doctor of laboratory diagnostics
Clinical pharmacology Doctor-clinical pharmacologist
Combustiology Врач-combustiologist-surgeon
Therapeutic physical training Doctor of  therapeutic physical training
Х-ray diagnostics Doctor of Х-ray diagnostics
Medical-social expertise Doctor-expert
Neurology Doctor-neurologist
Neurosurgery Doctor-neurosurgeon
Neonatology Doctor-pediatrician-neonatologist
Nephrology Doctor-nephrologists
General medical practice Doctor of general practice
Oncology Doctor-oncologist
Oncosurgery Doctor-oncosurgeon
Orthodontia Doctor-Stomatologist-Orthodontist
Otolaryngology Doctor-otolaryngologist
Ophthalmology Doctor-ophthalmologist
Pathological anatomy Doctor-pathologist
Pediatrics Pediatric physician
Proctology Doctor-proctologist
Occupational pathology Doctor-occupational pathologist
Psychiatry-narcology Doctor-addiction psychiatrist
Psychotherapy Doctor-psychotherapist
Pulmonology  Doctor-pulmonologist
Radiology Doctor-radiologist
Recreation therapy  Doctor-recreation therapist
Rheumatology Doctor-rheumatologist
Roentgen-endovascular surgery Doctor-roentgen-endovascular surgeon
Reflexotherapy Doctor- reflexologist
Sexopathology Sexual health doctor  
First medical aid Doctor of first medical aid
Vascular surgery Doctor-vascular surgeon
Sports medicine Doctor of sports medicine
Stomatology Doctor-stomatologist
Pediatric stomatology Doctor-pediatric stomatologist
Orthopedic stomatology Doctor-stomatologist-orthopedist
Therapeutic stomatology Doctor-stomatologist-therapist
Surgical stomatology Doctor-stomatologist-surgeon
Therapy Doctor-therapist
Traumatology and orthopedics Doctor-traumatologist-orthopedist
Transplantantology Doctor of transplantology
Transfusion medicine Doctor of transfusion medicine
Toxicology Doctor-toxicologist
Ultrasound diagnostics Doctor of ultrasound diagnostics
Urology Doctor-urologist
Physiotherapy Doctor- physiotherapist
Phthisiology Doctor-phtisiatrisian
Functional diagnostics Doctor of functional diagnostics
Surgery Doctor-surgeon
Maxillo-facial surgery Doctor-maxillo-facial surgeon
Endocrinology Doctor-endocrinologist
Endoscopy Doctor-endoscopist

Master's Degree Program and Postgraduate Training Course

Graduates of medical schools may enroll in Postgraduate Training Course after studying Master's Degree Program (1 year).  Training in this program has theoretical orientation.

The training process is carried out only in Russian language.

Specialities of Master's Degree Program and Postgraduate Training Course

Code, specialty
1-79 80 01 «Obstetrics and gynecology»
1-79 80 05 «Oncology»
1-79 80 07 «Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine»
1-79 80 09 «Infectious Diseases»
1-79 80 10 «Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology»
1-79 80 14 «Allergology and Immunology»
1-79 80 15 «Internal Diseases»
1-79 80 16 «Surgery»
1-79 80 17 «Psychiatry and Narcology»
1-79 80 23 «Public Health and Health Protection»
1-79 80 26 «Stomatology»
1-79 80 27 «Human Anatomy»
1-79 80 29 «Pathological Physiology, Physiology»
1-79 80 30 «Technology of Medicines and Organization of Pharmacy»
1-79 80 31 «Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy»

 The intern may continue their medical education in Postgraduate Training Course (3 – 4 years).

The choice of specialties is wide and includes general medicine (internal medicine and surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics and psychiatry, dermatovenerology, ophthalmology and otolaryngology, pathological anatomy and radiological therapy and many more) and theoretical course.

Specialties of Postgraduate Training Course

Code, name of speciality Code, name of direction
03.01.04 Biochemistry Biological sciences
Medical sciences
03.02.01 Botany Biological sciences
03.02.03 Microbiology Biological sciences
Medical sciences
03.02.11  Parasitology Biological sciences
Medical sciences
03.03.01 Physiology Biological sciences
Medical sciences
03.03.04 Cellular Biology, Cytology, Histology Biological sciences
Medical sciences
14.01.01 Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical sciences
14.01.02  Endocrinology Biological sciences
Medical sciences
14.01.03 Otorhinolaryngology Medical sciences
14.01.04 Internal Diseases Medical sciences
14.01.05 Cardiology Biological sciences
Medical sciences
14.01.06 Psychiatry Medical sciences
14.01.07 Ophthalmology Medical sciences
14.01.08  Pediatrics Medical sciences
14.01.09 Infectious Diseases Medical sciences
14.01.10 Dermatology and Venerology Medical sciences
14.01.11 Diseases of the Nervous System Medical sciences
14.01.12 Oncology Biological sciences
Medical sciences
14.01.13 Radiation Diagnostics, Radiation Therapy Medical sciences
14.01.15 Traumatology and Orthopedics Medical sciences
14.01.16 Phthisiology Medical sciences
14.01.17 Surgery Medical sciences
14.01.19 Children Surgery Medical sciences
14.01.20 Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine Medical sciences
14.01.23 Urology Medical sciences
14.01.27 Narcology Medical sciences
14.01.28 Gastroenterology Medical sciences
14.02.01 Hygiene Biological sciences
Medical sciences
14.02.02  Epidemiology Biological sciences
Medical sciences
14.02.03 Public Health and Health Protection Medical sciences
14.03.01 Human Anatomy Biological sciences
Medical sciences
14.03.02 Pathological Anatomy Medical sciences
14.03.03 Pathological Physiology Biological sciences
Medical sciences
14.03.05 Forensic Medicine Medical sciences
14.03.06 Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology Biological sciences
Medical sciences
14.03.09 Clinical Immunology, Allergology Biological sciences
Medical sciences
14.03.10 Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics Biological sciences
Medical sciences
14.03.11 Rehabilitation Medicine, Remedial Gymnastics
and Sport Medicine, Balneology and Physiotherapy
Medical sciences
14.04.01 Technology for Medicine Pharmaceutical sciences
14.04.02 Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy Biological sciences
Pharmaceutical sciences
14.04.03 Organization of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical sciences

Many specialists realize themselves in research work, with is implemented individually and collectively by the scientific staff of the chairs of the University.

Every year a post-graduate student is attested, and on graduating one defends a thesis.