The trade union committee of VSMU students

The web-site of the trade union committee

At present time the trade union committee of VSMU students unites about 99% students from the total number.

Issues of concern of students’ trade union committee members:

• They represent and protect students’ employment rights.
• They carry out control over compliance of labor, labor protection and trade union legislations.
• They supervise the work of students’ trade union groups by means of communication with leaders of trade union groups.
• They carry out expenditure of funding resources and render financial assistance
• They participate in the organization of students’ rest and health care including rest and health care at the expense of the trade union
• They conduct mass cultural and fitness and health recreation events
• They ensure the observance of the Regulations of protection of labour and working conditions
• They organize the implementation of decisions of Chairman of Trade Union
• They organize consideration of trade union members
• They represent students’ interests

One of the most important activities of the trade union organization of students is the social protection of paternalized students. Together with the administration of the university trade union committee take part in monitoring of compliance of students’ social rights.

The main directions and types of social support in VSMU:

■ Compliance of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus in relation to students
■ Rendering financial assistance
■ Catering for students.
■ Providing hostel.
■ Health care and health protection.
■ Delivery of health care.
■ Organization of temporary employment of students.
■ Providing students with social scholarships, exhibitions, grants, gratuities, amends and subsidies;
■ Support of professional and creative growth of students;
■ Improvement of social and economic conditions;

The trade union committee of VSMU students ensures observance of the rules of good housekeeping and accommodation rules in students’ hostels. The members of it take an active part in the organization of leisure of students and the organization of mass cultural and fitness and health recreation events. They control the quality of food in canteens and buffets of our university. The trade union committee provides financial assistance to the needy students. It sees after the organization of the educational process and the employment of students providing them support.

Contact telephone number and e-mail:

Chairman of the trade union committee: Oladko Arina Anatolyevna
Tel.: 8 0212 64-81-40
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.