International activity of VSMU

International cooperation is one of the most important activities of Vitebsk State Medical University, contributing to the solution of the main aims of the university: the preparation of highly qualified specialists, development of priority directions of medical science, the provision of high quality medical care.

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International activity is aimed at:

  • acceleration of the exchange of knowledge and technology
  • development of innovative medical education, science and health based on the study of international experience
  • increase of multilateral mobility of students and teachers
  • integration in the emerging European educational space

International recognition

Vitebsk State Medical University is highly rated in academic ranking of world medical universities.

The degrees of VSMU are recognized by:

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG, Philadelphia, USA)
  • Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS, Dallas, USA)
  • Lithuanian Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (Lithuania)
  • Medical Council of India
  • Medical Council of Sri-Lanka
  • Medical Council of Ireland
  • Ministry of Education and Higher Learning (Republic of Lebanon)
  • Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq
  • Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China
  • Ministry of Education of United Arab Emirates
  • Ministry of education on Iran
  • Ministry of Education of Pakistan
  • Ministry of education of Turkey
  • Ministry of Education of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
  • Ministry of Education of Nepal
  • Ministry of education of Israel
  • Ministry of education of scientific research of Jordan
  • Ministry of Education of Syria
  • Ministry if Higher Education of Oman
  • Ministry of Education of Yemen
  • Ministries of all African countries.
  • Maldives Medical and Dental Council

VSMU is registered in the Directory AVICENNA that allows diplomas of VSMU to be accepted in all European countries and countries of the former USSA.

The main areas of work in the field of international cooperation are:

1. Training, specialization, training of medical and pharmaceutical personnel, including:

  • participation in international educational programs
  • education and training of foreign students
  • direction of overseas staff of the University and the reception of foreign experts to exchange experiences in the field of medical science, medical education and practical public health
  • participation in international training seminars in countries of near and far abroad
  • training of educational and scientific university students in foreign universities
  • student exchanges with foreign universities (medical practice, training, professional exchanges from international and national youth organizations)
  • exchange of teachers and scholars for reading lectures, training events

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2. Scientific and technical cooperation with universities, medical scientific and practical institutions, organizations, scientific societies, professional associations, businesses and others, including:

  • exchange of information in the field of medical science and practical public health through various forms of international contacts
  • participation in international research programs
  • carrying out research in the framework of agreements and contracts with foreign partners, contracts, international projects
  • study and development of modern scientific medical and educational technologies in the various forms of international contacts
  • participation in international forums, exhibitions, scientific societies, associations, unions in countries of near and far abroad
  • conducting international scientific and practical activities (conferences, seminars, exhibitions)
  • participation in international associations, editorial boards of medical publications

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3. Representative activity:

  • receiving and sending of various delegations with the introductory, promotional and other purposes

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Through various forms of international cooperation of scientists and faculty members of the University, performed each year a significant amount of research in various fields of medicine is realized.

The university annually sends out abroad about 150 staff and students. Every year more than 100 people participate in more than 80 major international forums.

The university gives special attention to student exchange programs with foreign partner institutions and trips abroad for university students through various forms of education and training through various channels of international relations.

Over the past 5 years, students, interns and graduate students of the University undergone educational and scientific training in leading academic and research institutions in Australia, Germany, Finland, Russia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal.

With various purposes, including introductory, participation in conferences, symposia, meetings, seminars, conventions, research, exchange of experience and others the university is visited annually by about 100 foreign experts, including delegations, representing ministries, departments and other government agencies of foreign countries and representatives of medical, scientific and educational institutions of societies, companies and others.