Arrangement of internship in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Health, July 12, 2013 № 61 "On some issues of internship"

Terms of internship:

  • for medical interns, medical specialties - 12 months;
  • for medical interns, undergoing internship in "Bacteriology", "Valeology", "General hygiene", "Epidemiology", "Sanitation laboratory tests," pharmaceutical interns - 5 months.

Categories of persons who have the right for passing a qualification exam without undergoing internship:

  • those being instructed in full-time education or who have passed the training in person and performed an individual working plan as a post-graduate student for the first year of training; individual training plan for clinical interns for the first year of training; who have mastered educational programs of the higher educational stage II and successfully passed the final assessment provided matching individual working plan of undergraduates, graduate students, an individual training plan of clinical interns in the specialty of the internship program;
  • those having a Candidate’s Degree and (or) the Degree of Doctor of Medical (Pharmaceutical) Sciences in the relevant specialty;
  • those having working experience as a specialist for at least one year immediately before the qualification exam.

Undergoing of internship is carried out on the basis of:

  • fixed-term employment contract for a period of internship made up between a health care organization and the person applying for employment as an intern (pharmacist) (hereinafter - the fixed-term contract);
  • contract for the organizational and methodological provision of internship and (or) the qualification examination, made up between educational institution which trains specialists with higher medical (pharmaceutical) education (hereinafter, unless otherwise specified, - educational institution), and the person applying for the post of medical intern (doctor, pharmacist) (hereinafter - the contract on internship).

To make up a contract for undergoing internship, a person applying for the position of medical interns (pharmacist), must present an application to educational establishment with the following documents attached:

  • copy of the Diploma of Higher Education;
  • copy of an identifying document;
  • copy of the recognition of diplomas issued in a foreign country and establishing their compliance with educational documents of the Republic of Belarus (if it is necessary);
  • document certifying proficiency in Russian (Belarusian) language and the ability to study according to the internship curriculum and (or) pass a qualification examination (if there is any);
  • copy of an employment record book or other documents certifying the working experience (if there is any);
  • certificate of self-employment (if there is any);
  • letter of determining of health organization which may be the basis for the internship (hereinafter - the base of the internship) - for persons who have the right to self-employment, and also who received higher medical (pharmaceutical) education outside the Republic of Belarus.

Other documents can be submitted if it is necessary.