Pedagogical work in VSMU

The university has effectively functioning system of students’ upbringing. Pedagogical and ideological work in the University is headed by Vice-rector of Ideological Affairs.

Pedagogical process in the University is carried out by Department of pedagogical work with the young through the following University subdivisions:

the museum of history of VSMU,
press center,
student union,
student sports union,
student hostel councils.

Employees of Department of pedagogical work actively collaborate with trade union committees of students and employees.

Meetings of the employees of the University are held and the end of each year, the results of the University work during the year and the goals for the next year are discussed at these meetings.

The university has the functioning ideological center. Ideological center in conjunction with department of pedagogical work implements the following programs: "Humanization and humanitarization of higher medical education", "Pedagogical work in the system of medical education", "Moral codex of employees and students of Vitebsk State Medical University".

Ideological center of VSMU prepared and published the following brochures: "State symbols of the Republic of Belarus", "Belarus in the modern world: the main principles of the State policy to creation of strong and prosperous Belarus", "Domestic and foreign policy of the Republic of Belarus", "Feats of our fathers", "Courage and heroism. Vitebsk region during the Great Patriotic War", "Guidance materials for the study of state documents on the social-economic development of the Republic of Belarus" and others.

Ideological center of Vitebsk State Medical University in 2012 began to attract students to the preparation and conduction of ideological events: meetings of the school of the young voter, meetings of the school "Leader", student conferences and roundtable discussions, competition of students' creative works dedicated to the 67th anniversary of the Great Victory in the Second World War.

System of informational work functions at the University, there are informational offices affiliated with the department of Social-Humanitarian Sciences and the department of Public Health and Health Protection. The newspaper "Medvuzovets" is issued monthly.

Employees and students of the university annually take part in the following events:

• Military-patriotic ski trip to the memorial made in honour of the soldiers of the 39th Army and Komsomol Battalion (village Shapury), laying of wreaths at the military cemetery "Uspensky Hill"; march to the memorial made in honour of the soldiers (village Stasevo);
• Shooting sports studies for employees and students of the university;
• Visiting of the Museum made in honour of peacekeeping soldiers named after Shmyrev;
• Quiz on military-patriotic themes;
• The city military-applied multidiscipline competitions.

The University acts as a patron of Vitebsk children's home and over veterans of war and veterans of labor.