Graduates comment

Dear graduates!

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Dr. Pandey Mayank

Dr. Pandey Mayank (graduate of  2022)

I graduated from VSMU in 2022 and cleared FMGE examination in India from the first attempt. It wouldn’t be possible without the support of VSMU ... I think it is one of the best Universities in Europe...

I received amazing memories  during the course of 6 years. 

VSMU helped me to achieve my goal.

I am proud to be a part of VSMU and will always miss the university and Belarus.

You will be close to my heart always!


Tharushi SA

Dr. Tharushi Suwanthri Abeynayake (graduate of  2019)

I would like to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am for being part of Vitebsk State Medical University for almost 7 years.

Unique thing about VSMU is that the theoretical classes are done in small groups (there are about 12 students and one qualified professor for each group) and Students are given unlimited access to clinical laboratories to use real cadavers and specimens to gain practical knowledge. Moreover, there are Clinical rotations at state hospitals for each specialty in the final 4 years. 

Infrastructure of VSMU is amazing with comfortable high-tech classrooms, Electronic libraries, well equipped laboratories, Anatomy museums, gymnasium, Basketball court, an auditorium where students could perform during Autumn, Spring concerts and other cultural activities and 4-5 cafes and kiosks. 

The International student Hostel was furnished, clean and well maintained with private kitchen and Bathroom for each block (4-5 students) and the hostel environment was very safe for foreign students with a 24-hour reception. Furthermore, VSMU is recognized by WHO and Medical councils of UK, Australia, New Zealand,USA, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and many other countries.  

I must also mention the quick responses and assistance given to me by the international department of VSMU in obtaining Documents required by Foreign Medical councils even though it has been 4 years since I graduated.

Thank you! VSMU and the beautiful Vitebsk city I’m grateful for all the knowledge I gained, experiences I learnt and everlasting friendships I made with amazing people from various countries.

Finally, I want to thank our Former Dean (Prof. VASILIEV Oleg Miloslavovich, Vice Dean Faina Ivanovna Vysotskaya, Pre-med Russian Language teacher who made me fall in love with the language – Oksana Borisovna, all my beloved professors, Dean’s office, international student affairs administration staff and each and every employer at Vitebsk State Medical University and all my friendsfor making my university journey a memorable one.

Большое спасибо, ВГМУ!

Annor E

Dr. Emmanuel Annor (graduate of  2016)

Deciding to study medicine at VSMU, was one of the best decisions I've made in life. I studied at the preparatory course in 2009, before starting the actual course in 2010. Over the 6-year period, VSMU didn't only make me become a good doctor, but also prepared me for the real world. The knowledge, skills and experience I acquired during my training at VSMU was immeasurable. The solid foundation has propelled me way ahead of my colleagues, and has made me unique wherever I go. A very big thank you to all my lecturers, professors, administrative staff and the entire workforce of this prestigious university, as your efforts have produced great doctors across the globe.

In 2023, I'll be practicing in the UK as a registered doctor. This dream wouldn't have been possible without the support I received from VSMU. You're all amazing, and to sum it all up, "l'm very proud to be a part of the VSMU family"


Dr. Kirithikas Rajenderam

It indeed is a great pleasure for me to have been part of this university for almost 7 years and each and every person concerned has played a vital role in completing my degree and internship program. I want to thank Vitebsk State Medical University and all the course instructors, teachers, and management from the core of my heart for the wonderful and knowledgeable time I have spent at this university. To name a few, Dr. Tesfaye and Proff. Generalov who have helped me enormously and made me understand difficult concepts very easily. From the perspective of the dean's office, thank you Maria Alakseevna and Faina Ivanovna for assisting me and making life at VSMU easier.  

I am feeling a little sad that I won't be associated with any of these wonderful people anymore but I am leaving with lots of great memories to cherish.

It would be a great pleasure if I could help the university in any regards for its betterment.


KanthDr. Parameshwaran Niveth Kanth (graduate of  2021)

I graduated from VSMU in 2021 and currently pursuing my internship at Vitebsk regional hospital. I always cherish the memories and moments that I had while studying at VSMU, it was a privilege to study at this prestigious university and I had an opportunity to study along with students from various countries. Undoubtedly, a great place to acquire a better experience and exposure! 

Dr. Ravishankar Polisetty (graduate 1996) This letter comes to you as a token remembrance of the memorable days I spent in the university during my study period. Today, I have become a cardiovascular thoracic surgeon and command international fame and respect. I have been a part of scientific research group which had developed a new Valve for the Aortic Valve, and there are some patent pending methodologies which I have evolved for curing IHD (Ischemic Heart Disease) among other diseases. I published many papers in the past and recently was invited to Oxford University as a Visiting Professor and this is the moment I wanted to share with you all as I am sure it will give you all immense satisfaction for all the hard work you did for uplifting the down-trodden third world counties. ·I owe my achievements to the scientific education imparted in Vitebsk State Medical University and I prostrate before all my teachers in the university who shaped my future and the present. Thanks to you all again!
Dr. Bucktowar Sanjay (graduate 1996) Dear and Respected Deikalo Valery Petrovich,Kostina Raisa Vasilievna,Konevalova Natalia Jurievna and all professors, teachers and staff of Vitebsk Medical Institute, I hope and wish you are all in good health, and doing well in Vitebsk! I am really very grateful and thankful to all of you-my teachers and staff in Vitebsk for my studies in medicine, and I am very proud to be the first doctor in Mauritius to have been graduated from Vitebsk Medical Institute. As such Vitebsk Medical Institute has been recognized and registered by the Medical Council of Mauritius since 1997,when I came back after my studies. Since 1999 to 2005,I have been working in the Ministry of Health, Government of Mauritius as Medical&Health Officer, at Victoria Hospital-Candos. I did rotation in different departments, namely-Obstetrics&Gynecology-8 months, Internal Medicine-6 months,Surgery-1 year,Orthopaedics-6 months,Paediatry-6 months,Anaesthesia-6 months, Accident and Emergency/Casualty-8 months,Cardiology-2 years. In 2005,I got the chance to obtain a scholarship through a cooperation of University of Bordeaux 2-France and government of Mauritius for further studies in the field of general cardiology(2005-2008). I am at present working as acting specialist in cardiology at Cardiac Unit, Victoria Hospital-Mauritius. Wishing you all the best! Hoping to see you all some day in Mauritius!
Dr. Mahmoud Bakkour (graduate 1999) It is a great honor for me to write about my unforgettable years at VSMU. Few lines may not be enough to express my deep feelings toward this great university and those great people with whom I spent best seven years in my life. When I was at VSMU I didn't realize how deep is my feeling toward the university, people and my great teachers. Year after year especially after I was specialized in cardiology at the American University of Beirut Hospital (AUH)-Lebanon, then sub specialized in cardiology at Universitecatholique de Lille -France,i realized how proud I am being one graduate of VSMU. I am always trying to reflect the good opinion and give the good example and to be the ambassador of VSMU outside. I still have a dream to return one day and to walk on the Frunze prospect and to enter the university from that great wooden door and to visit every department and to meet every doctor, teacher ,administrative and employee· to say· "thank you a lot" for every day I spent at VSMU. This is not poetry but really I can't find better words to tell about what is inside me .In one word thank you and god bless you!
Dr. Said M. Hassouna (graduate 2001) Dear professor Adaskevich! I want to tell you that I will never forget you as the best professor and teacher! Hope that my friends and teachers at the university are well! Thank you and best regards!
Dr. Tarak Parikh (graduate 2002) Dear staff of the International office, thank you for everything! Greetings to Professor V.P. Deykalo, who was our teacher in orthopedic and now the rector of Vitebsk State Medical University. I still remember those golden days! If anything, then definitely contact me and I will help forever! Regards to everybody
Fatima Zohra El Abied (graduate 2003) We are very happy and very secure in your university! Thank you very much all of you! We really miss all our VSMU! Thank you!
Dr. Vadodaria Brijen (graduate 2004) Hello VSMU! Thank you for remembering me! It is always very pleasant to get letters form you. Hoping everybody is fine. I do my job as an MD. Thank you!
El Hussein Hodr (graduate 2004) Six years in Belarus is quite a long period of time, which gives possibility to observe the changes in the process of study. Great staff of professors and teachers - this is a great deposit for training highly skilled specialists. And opening of electronic library, books that are published at the university help and facilitate the process of training for foreign students. If one wants to check his theoretical knowledge – well-equipped study is at disposal. This is a great opportunity to get worthy education. The result of state exam of confirmation of qualification of my countrymen in Lebanon serves a prove to that.· I am talking about graduates of VSMU of pharmaceutical faculty of 2003 SalibJeskar, DaniAyb, Hussein Sahili and HaisamNakad· - they were among the best graduates from European universities. Thanks to tactful and kind attitude of Belarusian professors and teachers, we had no questions which could not be resolved. Even some domestic problems of foreign students were easy to overcome with the help of responsive people. I will remember forever this new world that I opened during studies in Vitebsk and I will keep kind memories forever!
Dr. Anup Chapagain (graduate 2004) Greetings to VSMU! Now I am working in Bajhang district hospital through government job as a medical officer from last one year. This hospital is 15 bedded and I have to handle each and every case. Before this I was in Pokhara in Charak hospital and research centre as a medical officer in emergency department. I was also doing operations as an assistant surgeon in the operation theater. I love surgery and my further plan is to do masters in surgery. Thanks!
Dr. Jigar Sheth (graduate 2004) To my VSMU and all staff members, respected Dean, Dean's office, all professors, teachers, students and my old friends there! At finally, it is a great pleasure that our university remember us! We always remember all our golden time which we have spent in Belarus, in Vitebsk! I miss a lot VSMU and Belarus. My request to you all be in touch and we can have association of all students which are now in India, in Gujarat so it will be great event for us! Thanks!
Dr. Faraz Motiwala (graduate 2008) Right now I am the medical officer of the Motiwala Memorial Hospital, Trustee of the Motiwala Trust for Human Resources and Development and Priceless Pearl Scholars academy English School and Director of Motiwala Medical Research Foundation Pvt.Ltd. My regards to all of the Teaching and Non-Teaching staff of the university! Thank you all for the good standard of education in our esteemed university! Do keep-up strictness and cooperation with the students! Thank you!
Dr. Bhujohory Vishwanee Singh (graduate 2008) Allow my family and I wish all the best to the staff of Vitebsk State Medical University! Thank you for your encouragement, support and not forgetting me! Thank you!
Dr. Adedeji Dickson Olusegun (graduate 2008) · Dear the entire member of the International office of Vitebsk State Medical University! The university has really given me a good start to a career. I am very happy that everything I went through while at VSMU was worth-while, I at the same time believe it will be better over times and I will have reasons to look back and say thank you for being part of the foundation. my sincere gratitude to the Rector and all the members of staffs of the Dean's office and the Dean himself.
Dr. Ayham Wety (graduate 2008) Really I am very happy and prideful to get diploma from Vitebsk State Medical University! I hope that my lovely university will have more advancement and get the first grade in the world, because it is a great university! VSMU really put me in the start of road life in right road. My family in VSMU, I want to tell you that I passed the exam here, in Syria and now I prepare to open my clinic here. VSMU I love you and love Belarus!
Dr. Sheikh Mohammad Asif (graduate 2008) Thanks very much for remembering! I always remember VSMU, I will never forget my life which I spent in Vitebsk!
Dr. Fadi Bou Hamdan (graduate 2008) Hello VSMU! I am fine and I have already passed my exams here in Lebanon  in from the first time and got my license two months ago, but all the time since I left Belarus  I am working in a private clinic and as a volunteer in the Red Cross, now I am intending to get excepted in the Lebanese dentist association, because I am about to open my own clinic, I guess in about a month everything will be ready. I want to thank you for your help and for giving me a chance to be better person and a starting point in life! Best regards to all the staff and especially to Faina Ivanovna Vysotskaya!
Dr. Beulah (graduate 2009) am really happy and excited to hear from my university! Thank you so much once again!
I am so happy to have completed my study from your university. I am going to start my internship from next week!

Dr. Prasad Alahackone

(graduate 1996)

Its a great pleasure and privilege to pen down few lines on this page, as a graduate of Vitebsk Sate Medical University , year 1996. I am working in Obstetrics and gynaecology currently in Sri Lanka since last year , after returning from a period of training and working at the Cambridge University Hospital, Uk and another two years in Australia.
The segment, I spent learning various disciplines of Medicine at the VSMU was undoubtedly, the most valuable and memorable few years of my life. Not only it taught me medicine, but also moulded me and made me in to a man of humility and humanity to dispatch my duties professionally as a doctor. I also had the greatest opportunity to meet and make friends with many wonderful people who came from various countries, which definitely broadened my views and outlook towards different cultures of the world. Even today, we communicate and keep in touch as colleagues though, scattered in all corners of the globe.
The friendly , warm and disciplined guidance of all the teachers was a blessing in achieving the ultimate target of taking the Hippocratic Oath as a proud product of the VSMU in 1996. I should mention the quick and courteous assistance given to me, by the international department of VSMU in obtaining the needed documents in 2011, when the medical board of Australia required "proof to the Medical Degree" to offer me the post of registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology there.
Thank you Belarus and VSMU and all my teachers there, for all that you have given me. I bow my head with utmost respect to you, because I firmly believe if it wasn't for you I would not be the doctor i am today.