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Students about VSMU

Intake campaign to study at online preparatory training courses in Russian or English is open (

New bank details to become effective for paying tuition fees. Bank account in US dollars of Vitebsk State Medical University

Nota Bene! Bank transfer order for tuition fee payment must contain full student’s name, pasport and a contract number.


Documents submissionDeadline for applicationsInvitation for admission testsArrival for interviewAdmission testsTuition fee and other costs

To sit for entrance tests, the applicant should submit to the Admission Committee following documents: 

  • application addressed to the vice-rector of the university;
  • valid passport with period of validity no less than 1 year;
  • document of complete secondary education with above-average results in biology and chemistry (in Russian, English, French, Spanish or German language).

Additionally, the admission commission may request the document, proving paying capacity of the applicant (or his/her sponsor).

The abovementioned documents with all the supplements must be submitted to the International department of VSMU by fax, e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or any other convenient way.

To be admitted to the university, the student must submit the following documents to the Department of International Affairs:

- application for admission in the chosen specialty;
- valid passport;
- document of complete secondary education, legalized in accordance with the established procedure;
- medical report on health state (conclusions of therapist, surgeon, ophthalmologist, ENT, neurologist, fluorography, HIV analysis, PCR test);
- notarized copy of birth certificate;
- 6 photos (3x4)

  • for applicants who finished preparatory departments of educational establishments of Republic of Belarus - before August 9
  • for applicants who will be enrolled based on admission tests – before October 15
  • for applicants who will study at the preparatory training course - before November 1
  • NOTICE!  Deadline for document submission depends on fulfilling  the admission quotas per each specialty.

The citizens from countries of visa regime must get invitation for education to apply for Belarusian visa. The invitation is prepared at the university. Sending of the invitation by VSMU is maintained by regular post ONLY.

Note!The invitation, issued by the university is the ground for visa receiving. The period of validity of the invitation is 3 months from the date of its approval by the Ministry of citizenship and migration. Please, plan the date of your arrival in accordance with this term.

To get the visa the applicant must submit:

  • valid passport;
  • ​birth certificate;​
  • documents of secondary education, legalized in established order;
  • filled visa application form (;
  • 6​ photo​s​, size 35х45;
  • valid invitation for education;
  • medical certificate based on complete medical examination, indicating that the applicant is physically and mentally fit to study in climatic environment of the Republic of Belarus;
  • vaccination statement: diphtheria, measles, epidemic roseola, tetanus.

Arrival. In accordance with the requirements of the Republic of Belarus’s border control authorities, as well as the General Management Consular, the citizens who will receive a visa at the consular department of the Minsk National Airport, are required in 15 days prior to their arrival to notify the university about the date of arrival and itinerary of travel. Visa at the airport will be issued ONLY upon availability of all required documents and in the presence of an official representative of the University.

Transfer. Transfer from Minsk to Vitebsk is paid by the applicant.

Registration. Upon arrival in Belarus an applicant within 3 working days must hand the passport for registration to the Admission Committee.

Exit. In case an applicant fails to enter Vitebsk State Medical University, he must leave the territory of the Republic of Belarus within the expiry date of registration. See Regulations cl.3.10

Subjects. Admission tests will comprise interviewing in language of training (Russian / English) and screen-tests in two profession-oriented subjects (biology, chemistry).  See Regulation cl. 3.2

Enrollment competition. The decision for admission into university will be taken within 5 days after the entrance examinations. See Regulations cl.3.8, 3.9, 3.11

University does not provide any scholarship or render financial support to international students.

Tuition fee and other expenses

Dormitory costs - approximately $800 per year.

Other costs:

  • medical check-up - $ 100 ($50 in subsequent years);
  • registration - $50;
  • medical insurance - $200 per year

Additional information can be obtained by calling 

+375 212 610919
+375 212 601401
+375 212 647186
+373 212 601418
or by e-mail 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.