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The history of General Medicine Faculty is the history of VSMU as its creation and development are inextricably linked with the development of the university. Earlier the Faculty was ruled by Docent P.M.Gurevich, Professor G.I.Kogan (1937), Professor N.L.Krichevskiy (1939), Docent V.V. Korobko (1939-1941), Docent E.S.Ketiladze (1957-1959), Assistant D.A.Maslakov (1959-1964), Docent N.P.Letkina (1965-1967), Docent A.F.Kotovich (1967-1969), Docent M.M. Pyatkevich (1969-1970), Professor N.F.Lysikov (1970-1976), Docent E.O.Nepokoychitskiy (1971-1976), Professor V.S.Makarenko (1976-1985), Professor Yu.B.Martov (1985-1989), Professor M.A.Nikolskiy (1989-1997).

Since 1997 the faculty was headed by professor N.Yu. Konevalova who in 2006 passed the torch to Professor V.M. Semenov, he in his turn to Professor I.V. Gorodetskaya in 2014. From September  2018 General Medicine Faculty is headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor M.P.Fomina.

Due to the high qualification of teachers medical students receive modern medical education, which enables them to properly represent our university in all around the world. The duration of studying at the Faculty is 6 years.

In recent years the number of medical students enrolled at the faculty has increased and there are more than 3800 students.

Classes are held at 50 departments of the university.  The educational process is provided by 528 academicians including 54 Doctors of Sciences (50 of them are Professors), 270 Candidates of Sciences and 204 assistant lecturers.

At the faculty scientific-pedagogical schools are created and successfully function. They are run by professors A.N.Kosinets, V.P.Deikalo, N.Yu.Konevalova, M.G.Sachek, V.P.Adaskevich, V.Ya.Bekish, I.I.Burak, I.I.Generalov, V.S.Glushanko, S.N.Zanko, V.I.Kozlovskiy, A.M.Litvyakov, N.G.Lud, O.D.Myadelets, D.K.Novikov, V.M.Semyonov, V.N.Shilenok and others whose names are wide-known in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

Considerable attention is paid to the implementation and use modern innovative technologies and educational materials of a new generation (multimedia simulators, virtual programs) in the educational process. The academic staff of the faculty is actively involved in the work of the laboratory of innovative pedagogy. Particular emphasis is placed on practical training of students. Besides regular practical classes the students can participate in work of the following clinical skills laboratories: «Obstetrics and Gynecology», «Anesthesiology and Reanimatology», «General practitioner», «Pediatrics», «Internal diseases», «Surgical diseases», and Experimental transplantation laboratory. The students can master and improve their practical skills and get advanced knowledge directly in hospitals.

All departments of the faculty use a rating system for students' knowledge assessing. It allows evaluating their knowledge and skills objectively, as well as increases the motivation to successful development of educational programs.

Students of the faculty are actively involved in research activities in students’ scientific circles, which operate at all the departments. They are led by the most experienced academicians. Best fellows after graduating from the University are enrolled in Master's and Doctoral program on the recommendation of the University Council. Elective courses developed in respect to the latest achievements of science and practice and new learning technologies help students to deepen and broaden knowledge also.

During the first year graduates work as internship doctors under the guidance of experienced academicians, so in fact, still continue their education. The university provides further postgraduate training: clinical residency, postgraduate study.

Much attention is also paid to cultural and pedagogical work. Our students are permanent and active participants of amateur performances, sports competitions, numerous winners of various contests - both University and Republican.

Students of the faculty regularly participate in international exchange programs in the framework of academic mobility.

Every year students of General Medicine Faculty get the Presidential Scholarship. Our students repeatedly became winners of national and international Olympiads.

General Medicine Faculty of VSMU is always notable for a high level of training, high activity in research and social work and high professionalism in medical work.