Clinical residency

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Graduates may wish to continue their medical education in clinical residency. The range of subjects is very wide – 62 specialities

The study at the Clinical Residency lasts 2-5 years in accordance with Educational program verified by the Ministry of Health. It includes theoretical and practical studies.

During the course of studies the resident fulfils all practical duties of the practioner of a clinical department.

The studies are carried out individually. Assimilation of practical skills is carried out by means of rotary in different departments. The resident is on duty twice a month. Besides, his duty is to take part in activities of the department and clinic: general rounds, examinations, case reports, operations and conferences. With the help of this he gets familiar with experts, organizations and management of health protection institutions.

The participation of clinical resident in research work is encouraged.

At the end of each academic year clinical resident reports about the fulfillment of the individual plan and passes the attestation.

After the Residency Training a specialist takes an exam which includes tests of theoretical and practical disciplines and is awarded the Certificate of Postgraduate Education.

A specialist can continue his studies in Postgraduate Training in General Medicine (3-4 years).

The cost of full-time training in clinical residency per year in following specialties:                       

Therapeutic specialties - 2,800 (two thousand eight hundred) US dollars;

Therapeutic specialties with the first year of study under the internship program "General Medicine Practice" lasting 52 weeks - 3 300 (three thousand three hundred) US dollars, for the second year and subsequent years - 2 800 (two thousand eight hundred) US dollars;

Surgical specialties - 3,000 (three thousand) US dollars;

Dental specialties - 3,500 (three thousand five hundred) US dollars 

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