Athletic Club of VSMU

The University has 18 sports sections:

  • basketball (male, female);
  • volleyball (male, female);
  • mini-football (male, female);
  • swimming, arm wrestling (male, female);
  • sports aerobics;
  • orienteering;
  • table tennis;
  • multi-sport event "Health";
  • chess;
  • boxing;
  • track and field athletics;
  • skiing race;
  • weight-lifting.

There are 19 health groups for students and university staff, which involve about 600 people.

University teams participate in various sports in the republican, regional, city and district competitions. Throughout the academic year more than 50 mass sports and fitness and health recreation events are held, teams take part in more than 60 sports events.

In 2013-2014 our teams took part in all 16 kinds of Spartakiada Games among Vitebsk universities. The most successful in this competition were: the chess team - 1st place; arm wrestling, skiing and basketball teams: female - 2nd place, male - 3rd place; for cross-country race, a mini-football and volleyball: male and female teams took the third place.

Olympics of Youth Hostels of Oktyabrsky district of Vitebsk: table tennis (male and female teams), football, volleyball and basketball (female teams) - 2nd place; volleyball and basketball (male team) - 1st place.

In 2014 university teams took part in the Republican Spartakiad of medical schools in table tennis and volleyball, in the Republican Universiade in sambo, judo, boxing and karate; in the championship of Vitebsk region in Greco-Roman wrestling and boxing.

The best athletes of this year are: Soboleva Anastasia (medical faculty, 4th course) - Vitebsk champion in cross country skiing; Balashov Vladislav (medical faculty, 5th course ), Yelena Zalevskaya (medical faculty, 5th course ) - Vitebsk champions in arm wrestling; Zavalevsky Denis (medical faculty, 4th course) –bronze medalist of the Republican Universiade in sambo, sambo champion of Vitebsk region; Maxim Klimenko (medical faculty, 2nd course ) - bronze medalist in boxing of the Republican Universiade.

Dear freshmen, you should continue the glorious sporting traditions of VSMU. If you have ever gone in for sports, or you want to try your hand in some kind of sport, contact Athletic Club (located in Hostel №5), where you will receive detailed information concerning the activity of our Club.


Leonid Petrovsky,
Head of the Athletic Club