Faculty of Advanced Training in Pedagogics and Psychology at VSMU

Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology was opened at the Educational Establishment "Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University" according to the decision of the Counsel of VSMU dated 20.12.2000. Starting from April of 2002 the Faculty was named “Faculty of Advanced Training in Pedagogics and Psychology” in accordance with the agreement of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus dated 10.04.2002 (№ 29-15-01-09/302).

The main objective of the Faculty is advanced training and retraining of teaching personnel of the educational establishments of medical specialization in speciality "Vocational training" awarding the qualification "Teacher".

The following specialists are retrained at the faculty: teachers of general theoretical subjects without pedagogic education, teachers of biomedical, clinical, pharmaceutical subjects, teachers of medical colleges and other educational establishments of the Republic of Belarus who are interested in acquiring the specialty "Vocational Training".
The training is carried out on a case-by-case basis, taking into account length of service and experience, professional qualification, presence of teaching experience and experience of organizational and management activities; this way of learning provides atmosphere of trust, sociability, willingness of joining to interactive and dialogue forms of learning.

The education is based on the block-modular approach: its structure includes philosophical-culturological, psychological-pedagogical and practical units. The central unit is psychological-pedagogical one, it is focused on the specifics of the profession, in the course of it trainees learn General Pedagogics and Pedagogics of Higher Education, General Psychology, Psychology of Higher Education and Pedagogical Psychology, Theory and Methodology of professional training, technologies of education in higher school, Bases of Innovation Pedagogics. The training is practically-oriented, trainees become acquainted with Pedagogical Oratory, Developmental Psychology, Bases of Pedagogical Ethics, Pedagogical Diagnostics, Management Organization in the system of higher education, Methodology of Pedagogical Research.

The main tasks of training:

• Formation of the system of knowledge about the purpose, the objectives and the content of work of a teacher of university or specialized secondary educational institution;

• Formation of the system of knowledge about modern technologies of education and training (conceptual aspects, goal orientations, characteristics of content and methodology), formation of skills of designing and implementing of practical professional work on the technical basis;

• Contribution to the development of analytical, communicative, designing, forecasting and other pedagogical skills and abilities that are necessary for work of teacher and curator of academic group;

• Creation of conditions for trainees’ mastering of pedagogic technique of organization and carrying out educational activities in their academic groups;

• Provision of the opportunity of using the relationship of creative collaboration both with students and with colleagues in practice;

• Formation of ideas about:

1) the modern educational technologies and their place in the system "individual-society-education";
2) the role of the process of education on the technical basis in the improvement of the effectiveness of education;
3) the consistent patterns of students personality development for selection and design of educational technologies (including technologies of formation of plans, programs, textbooks, etc.);

• Formation of skills of analysis of existing education and training technologies from the perspective of their significance for the achievement of the desired goals; of skills of determination of diagnosable goals that contain the expected concrete results; of skills of design of separate components of educational process; of skills of determination of pedagogical conditions for success of educational technology.

Faculty of Advanced Training and Personnel Development at VSMU is ready to admit teachers of high schools and special educational institutions who lack pedagogical education for retraining in speciality "Vocational training", graduates are awarded the qualification "Teacher according to ability in the main education."

Training of specialists of educational institutions submitted to the Ministry of Health is defrayed out of public funds (in case of recommendation of the educational institution administration written according to the blank number 1).

Training of specialists of private educational institutions and educational institutions submitted to the other ministries and agencies (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Culture, etc.) is fee-based.
The terms of education is 20 months.
The education is external.
Graduates get State Diplomas awarding the above-mentioned qualification.


• General Pedagogics
• General Psychology
• Bases of Developmental Psychology
• Bases of Social Pedagogics and Psychology
• Pedagogical Oratory
• Pedagogical Ethics
• Pedagogics of Vocational Education
• Psychology of Vocational Education
• Educational technologies at vocational school
• Modern informational technologies of vocational education
• Pedagogical Diagnostics
• Bases of Innovation Pedagogics and others

Training is defrayed out of public funds. Graduates get Certificates of advancement of qualification of the standard form. Non-resident trainees are given places in the hostel.

Advance requests are accepted at the address:
210203, Vitebsk, Frunze Avenue, 27, Faculty of Advanced Training in Pedagogics and Psychology.
If you need any information do not hesitate to contact us. Tel. +375 (212) 64-81-61;
Fax +375 (212) 64-81-57.

Dean of Faculty of Advanced Training in Pedagogics and Psychology,
MD, Professor Gorodetskaya Irina Vladimirovna