Cultural life in VSMU

cul life 1Cultural life of the University is multinational in character.

Each year students have several sport programs at their disposal: cricket tournament, chess competition, football championship and other sport events. The immerse number of cultural festivals and celebrations, which take place all-the-year-round, demonstrate international cultural diversity. The annual festival "Student Autumn", National Cuisine Feasts, Faculty Days, National Student Union Holidays with a wide range of cultural activities present a perfect chance for foreign students to display their skills and abilities.

The variety of Belorussian countrysides and landscapes offer many interesting excursion traveling tours around the country to all tastes. Students may enjoy this kind of activities all year round.

The University maintains strong relations with parents. For parents' convenience and peace of mind the administration staff communicated with parents whatever possible, by phone, fax and e-mail to keep them abreast of their children's progress.

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Believing that Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world the Vitebsk State Medical University - Model United Nations has provided the students the opportunity to attend quality international college/university level programs that bring together the next generation of international leaders. The VSMU-UNBody is a nonprofit organization which implement strategies of  the UN and also is powered by the direct support by the European and North American UN associated bodies.

The VSMU-UN advances understanding of the United Nations and contemporary international issues. We positively affect the lives of participants and prepare them to be better global citizens through quality educational experiences that emphasize collaboration and cooperative resolution of conflict. We envision a world comprised of civically engaged people who strive for peaceful, multi-lateral conflict resolution and equitable, sustainable human development.

Although becoming a Doctor is one of the best ways we can serve the humanity, unfortunately learning medicine and becoming a doctor is seen as a profession which has not got much weight in the hands of international affairs and laws. The primary objective of the VSMU-UN is to build bridges between international affairs and medical studies since we believe in the depth of medical law. The Vitebsk State Medical University MUN community sets a common ground to the delegates from all around the world to use their diplomatic skills and bring up new resolutions to the modern issues in the world. We also enhance the ability and provide the delegates the chance to attend internationally recognized MUN conferences, medical associated conferences, seminars, cultural and social activities all around the world.  We support and do train the well wishers who wants to join our community to look at the world in a different eye. Through these experiences - during preparation, in committee sessions, and even in hallway caucuses - students develop an appreciation of differing viewpoints, experience the challenges of negotiation, see the rewards of cooperation, broaden their world view, increase their intellectual abilities and discover the human side of international relations and diplomacy.

On our way to our primary goals we do recruit volunteers who could serve as organizing  committee members , chair persons for conferences and also Delegates who would love to experience the world in a new way.
If  interested do not hesitate to contact the VSMU-UN.


Adeeb Hameed
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Chathurika Rathnayake
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