Rectorate of the University


SchastniyAT Rector of the University
MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Chukanov Alexey Nikolaevich

Visiting hours for personal matters:
first Monday of every month - 14.00-17.00

+375 212 60-13-97

+375 212 60-13-95




Vice-rector of Educational Work,
Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor
KONEVALOVA Natalia Yurievna

Visiting hours: Monday - 15.00-17.00

+375 212 60-13-91

Vice-rector of International Affairs and Work with Foreign Citizens

Candidate of Medical Science

SAVCHUK Maxim Mikhailovich

Syrodoyeva Olga Arkadievna Vice-rector of Ideological Affairs

BOLTRUSHEVICH Natalia Gennadievna

+375 212 60-15-29
Sushkov Sergey Albertovich Vice-rector of Scientific and Research Affairs
Candidate of Medical Science, associate professor
ASIRYAN Elena Gennadievna
+375 212 60-14-04
SchupakovaAN Vice-rector of Clinical and Pharmaceutical Affairs and Postgraduate Education
Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor
SHCHUPAKOVA Alina Nikolaevna
+375 212 60-14-43

Vice-rector of Administrative and Service Affairs
VASILIEV Oleg Miloslavovich

+375 212 60-13-98