Tuition fee and other expenses

NB! University does not provide any scholarship or render financial support to international students.

Tuition fee at VSMU covers training costs - lectures, practical courses, examinations. Tuition fee does not include expenses on hostel, medical policy and registration.

The tuition fee is paid at arrival:

  • For trainees of the preparatory department  – the tuition fee is paid in amount of 100% at the day of signing of the contract;
  • For 1st year students - the tuition fee is paid - 50% of the sum of tuition fee at the day of signing of the contract and the remaining amount is paid before 1st March;
  • For 2nd – 6th year students - the tuition fee is paid twice a year – before 15th September and before 1st March.

Note! In case of delayed payment of tuition fee the fine is charged for each day of delayed payment.

Mode of payment

The tuition fee is paid for each year separately in cash to the bank (in Belarusian rubles at the rate of National Bank of the republic of Belarus) or transfer to the bank account of the university (in US dollars).

The payment can be done in US Dollars to the bank account of Vitebsk State Medical University:

BY 14 PJCB 3632 0000 0012 2900 0840
"Priorbank" Joint Stock Company
UNP 100220190
Currency:  USD
Account Number: 36089449
Name of correspondent bank: CITIBANK NA, New York, USA

Note! The university doesn't accept cheques/drafts.                   

In accordance with financial legislation of the Republic of Belarus:

  • The University accepts banking transfer which is issued in the sum, indicated in the item Payment for education;
  • Banking transfer is issued on sum exceeding payment for education is not allowed;
  • If the sum of banking transfer exceeds payment for education, the excess is not paid back;

Funds on personal expenses are paid in cash or transferred on his/her personal account.

Medical insurance and medical check-up

Before the beginning of studies every student must undergo additional medical check-up in the clinic of VSMU. All expenses are covered by the student (about 100 US $ - first  year, 50 US $ - in subsequent years).

Besides, one should sign obligatory medical policy with one of Insurance Companies (BElGOSSTRAKH or EXIMGARANT of BELARUS). The cost of the policy is 200 $ per year (in most cases medical insurance is made at the airport on arrival).


If you make visa at the airport on arrival to the Republic of Belarus the cost of visa will be about 120 US $ per 15 days. On arrival to the university the applicant is obliged to come to the Dean's office of VSMU and make registration for a year.


Each foreign citizen entering the Republic of Belarus is obliged to be registered domiciliary. The contribution rate is about 50 US $.

Living expenses

Living expenses, including food, transport expenses etc make up about 200 – 400 US $ per month (depending on lifestyle). In addition, one shall bear in mind expenses on winter clothing.

The use of all educational, informative, sport and cultural infrastructure of the University is free.

English Medium



of study

The cost of education

academic year

Preparatory training course (on-campus) 8-10 months 2 100 $
Preparatory training course (online) 8-10 months 1 500 $
General Medicine 1-6 4 800 $
Pediatrics 1-6 4 800 $
Stomatology 1-5 4 700 $
Pharmacy 1-5 3 750 $

Russian Medium



of study

The cost of education

academic year

Preparatory training course (on-campus) 8-10 months 2 100 $
Preparatory training course (online) 8-10 months 1 500 $
General Medicine 1-6 year 4 100$
Pediatrics 1-6 year 4 100$
Stomatology 1-5 year 4 300$


(full time)

1-5 year 3 600$


(by correspondence)

1-5 year 1 800$