Socio-pedagogical and Psychological Service


In the photo the staff of SPPS (left to right): educational psychologist Anna Petrovna Romanovskaya, educational psychologist Natalia Alexandrovna Riabtseva, Head of SPPS Mihlyuk Viktoria Ivanovna, social care teacher Kukhareva Tatiana Vladimirovna.

Socio-pedagogical and psychological service functions at VSMU.

The main goal of SPPS is to facilitate creating the conditions for proper personality development, positive socialization, professional development and life self-determination, as well as maintaining and strengthening the psychological health of students.

The objectives of psychological service:

  • promoting students' healthy living habits, safe and responsible behavior;
  • promoting of full personal, intellectual and professional development of students;
  • providing of social and educational support to students;
  • psycho-pedagogical study of students, especially, the development of student groups;
  • prevention and correction of deviations in behavior, intellectual and personal development of students;
  • arranging of social, educational, psychological and methodological support to the tutors of academic groups, hostel educators;
  • patronage of students-orphans and children left without parental care;
  • formation of students' readiness to create a family, promoting respect for family values and traditions;
  • socio-pedagogical and psychological counseling of students and university staff.

The socio-pedagogical and psychological service is located in hostel № 4 on the ground floor.

Activity areas:

  • Socio-educational prevention and psychoprophylactic activities - promoting healthy lifestyle, prevention of antisocial behavior of students, arranging of preventive work;
  • Psychological education - promoting higher standards of psychological culture of students in interpersonal relationships, coping with prescriptive life crisis, stress management, formation of readiness for marriage; promoting higher standards of psychological culture of teaching staff, tutors, hostel educators.
  • Psychodiagnostic activities - psycho-pedagogical study of students, especially, student groups; determining the causes of disturbances in personal development and students’ behavior.
  • Social protection and guardianship of students - detecting and support of the students who need social protection, guardianship; protection of rights and interests of students at various levels (board of prevention, court, etc.).
  • Advisory activities - provision of psychological, social and educational assistance to university staff, students.
  • Training activity - promoting the personal growth of students; development of communicative and leadership skills; formation of readiness for marriage and development of skills that are important in family life.
  • Scientific-methodical activity – studying of experience of SPPS of other universities of the city and the country, development and implementation of teaching aids.


Head of SPPS - Mihlyuk Viktoria Ivanovna
Educational psychologist - Anna Petrovna Romanovskaya
Educational psychologist - Natalia Alexandrovna Riabtseva
Social care teacher - Kukhareva Tatiana Vladimirovna