Editorial and Publishing Center VSMU (EPC)

Address: 210009, Belarus, Vitebsk, Frunze Ave., 23
Phone: 8 (0212) 60-14-52
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In February 20, 2000 on the basis of copying equipment unit the university Editorial and Publishing (EPC) Center of VSMU was created. Currently, the emplyees of the Center are I.A.Borisov, N.B. Ginko, S.A. Kushnerova, S.E. Aglobleva, L.P. Bagretsova, L.A. Petrova, O.A. Sushko, I.M. Minochkina, V.A. Belousov. The Center has a license for printing activities. Such technical equipment as risographs, copiers, sheet collators, stitching machines, thermal binders, shredders, computers enable to provide the University with educational and scientific literature and blanks as well.

The university staff have prepared and EPC issued lecture courses, manuals on almost all disciplines of medicine and pharmacy, including lecture materials, case studies, practical skills, tests, that correspond to the three-stage knowledge and skills assessment.

100 titles of educational and scientific literature in an edition of 100 to 1,000 copies are published annually. The published literature is sent to the university library and sold in the university newsstand.

EPC publishes the following journales:

  • "Novosti Hirurgii";
  • "Vestnik VSMU";
  • "Vestnik Pharmacy";
  • "Okhrana materinstva i detstva"

EPC offers medical students and professionals in Medicine and Pharmacy:

  • Monographs
  • Abstracts
  • Collections
  • Instructions
  • Electronic books, including books in English
  • Scientific journals
  • Educational literature in English

Academic literature on specialties "General Medicine", "Pharmacy" and "Dentistry" is offered as well.

All printed production can be purchased at the EPC stand, located in the lobby of laboratory and theoretical building of VSMU on the 1-st floor.

Trading hours:

from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Break: from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Our contacts:

210009, Vitebsk, Frunze Ave., 27
Vitebsk State Medical University
Editorial and Publishing Center (EPC)

Director of the EPC - Borisov Igor Alexeyevich

Phone: 8 (0212) 60-14-52
Fax: 8 (0212) 64-81-83


"Novosti Hirurgii"
vestnik vsmu

"Vestnik VSMU"

pdf The reviewing rules of the scientific journal "Vestnik of Vitebsk State Medical University"

"Vestnik Pharmacy"
  “Okhrana materinstva i detstva"

Textbooks published in EPC in English (2014-2015)