The ceremony of admission of new-comers - Welcome, first year student!

All the formalities have been passed: these were the completion of paperwork, the long way from the warm family home to the distant unknown Belarus... You are a student now! So what does it mean? Overseas students must get used and adapt to many new things: people, weather, language and lifestyle of Belarus, studies at the university, etc. In order to help them we have organized international event "The ceremony of admission of new-comers - Welcome, first year student!” on the 25th of October, 2013 in the school hall of the Hostel of VSMU number 2. The event begun with solemn sounding of anthem of VSMU, after it Dean of OSTF Pristupa V.V. gave the commencement address. Then our new students received Information leaflets “Rights and obligations of an overseas student” in Russian and English languages. Students also have seen small films about Belarus and about VSMU. After it the concert part of our event began: students from sunny countries (Sri-Lanka, Ghana, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Lebanon, Syria) greeted new-comers with lively songs, dances, sketches, showing in this way that they are consociated. Then there were cheerful contests and of course friendship has won. At the end of the meeting senior and junior students were offered tidbits of cakes and were given opportunity to make a real international disco.

I think that the events like this contribute to better adaptation of newly arrived students and strengthening of international friendship between students from different countries who study at the Overseas Students Training Faculty.

Deputy Dean of the Overseas Students
Training Faculty     Senkovich M.A.