Dental Department at Clinic of VSMU



Head of the department

Pershukevich Tatyana Ivanovna

+375 (212) 47-23-47
+375 (212) 57-38-84
+375 29 233-52-66 (dental surgery and implantation)

When choosing the clinic for dental treatment, patients can expect not only highly skilled medical care, but also have modern high quality materials during any dental procedures.

We make:

  • Complex diagnostics and full examination of oral cavity and treatment plan;
  • Professional hygiene of oral cavity;
  • Removal of tartar;
  • Caries and periodontal diseases treatment;
  • Treatment of caries complications (pulpitis, periodontitis);
  • Retreatment of root canals.

Children stomatology services include:

  • Teaching children brushing teeth;
  • Preventive examinations;
  • Sealing of dental fissures;
  • Treatment of caries and its complications.

All manipulations are made under local anesthesia (at the request of the patient). Sitting in the dentist's chair, you can be sure of the sterility of all that comes into contact with your body.