Clinics of VSMU

Clinics of VSMUBy order of the Minister of health of the Republic of Belarus L.A.Postojalko reorganization of Vitebsk branch of Scientific Research Clinical Institute of Radial Medicine and Endocrinology was conducted in March 2003 and Clinic of VSMU was founded. It consists of the following departments: consultative-polyclinic, functional diagnostics, therapeutic, physiotherapeutic and clinic-diagnostic laboratory. In September 2003 Republican Lipid Medical-Diagnostic Centre of metabolic therapy was joined to the clinics.

The departments of hypobaric therapy, baroclimatic adaptation and doctor’s consulting room on correction of lipid exchange violation were organized. Health-centre and students’ sanatorium were founded on the bases of the clinic which improved rendering medical help to students. Students health index raises from 29 to 37% and becomes one of the highest among higher educational establishments. Nowadays it is the first medical institution in Belarus which provides training of specialists, scientific research and highly qualified medical help. Diagnostical and medical process is tightly connected with educational one. There is the only in the Republic doctor’s lipid correction consulting room in the clinic. The clinic is equipped with medical vacuum multi-seater plant “Ural-Antares”, which provides alpine climate. Training of students, instructing of doctors on advanced medical studies is held on bases of all structural clinic departments. They are supplied with all the necessary clinic equipment.

The clinic of VSMU is the only among the higher educational establishments of the Republic. It was organized by the integration of three organizations and provides great economy and rational usage of state funds. The volume of medical help increases in 3-5 times. The clinic effectively answers the purpose as the center of educational, scientific, medical-consulting and rehabilitation, sanitary activity.