Dr.Richie .C. Anderson MD


Dear Vitebsk State medical university Belarus

I am very proud to be a graduate from Vitebsk state medical university Belarus From year 2015.

Currently I work at the Military Hospital Colombo , Sri lanka at the General Surgical Department, Worked at the College of surgeons Colombo Sri lanka, as surgical demonstrator in collaborating MRCS exams With the Royal College of surgeons Edinburgh. And also worked as a Research assistant at the community medicine department faculty of medicine University of Colombo , Sri lanka and Volunteer at the Sri Lankan Red Cross.

Life in Belarus Vitebsk is the most unforgettable experience in my life Vitebsk state medical university gave me the road to life and a world recognized Medical diploma which is a global visa card to the world
Learning in Vitebsk state medical university gave me the most valuable and unforgettable impression. I not only got knowledge in the field of medicine but formed as person developed myself with qualities of responsibility, Discipline and humanity which is very important for a doctor .
During my study I met and experienced friends from various countries and multicultural who became friends for life.

I want to wish all the very best to all staff at Vitebsk state medical university. Specially the present dean of the international department Prof. Oleg vasilvich, madam faina ivanovna, Russian language teacher madam lubof ivanovna and late viktor sir. Microbiology head Prof.Generalov, Infectious medicine Prof. Ivan zlitzov , Anatomy dr.Tesfy, Oncology Prof. lud, Public health and health care system Prof. Glushanko and topographical anatomy madam Sharkova ludmila ivanovna, internal medicine Prof. Nemstov and each and every employer at Vitebsk state medical university .

Thank you beloved Vitebsk city and Vitebsk state medical university to all my professors and doctors who gave me all the knowledge all the guidance and all advice to where I stand today as a internationally recognized medical physician.
I truly believe Vitebsk state medical university will develop and become one of the leading medical universities in the world .
I wish all the best and all the respect and gratitude Thank you once again..

Dr.Richie .C. Anderson MD