Victoria Zemko


When I was in school, studying, participating in the Academic Olympics the main goal in my life, and I did not think about my future destiny. When my school years were coming to an end, I had to make a decision for the first time, which was to determine my entire future life. I studied in the humanitarian class with enhanced studying of English, because I wanted to learn languages. And I faced a dilemma - which sphere should I choose? Obviously, the life in the family of doctors influenced my choice to get a medical education as well. This profession, in my opinion, requires a special character, attention, patience, calmness, kindness and at the same time firmness, the ability to make quick decisions, a huge sense of responsibility, because doctors are united by one common thing - empathy for the health of the patient. I realized the importance and seriousness of this profession. Even the understanding of a hard study at a medical school did not stop me.

And I became a student of a prestigious university.

I clearly remember all my student years: a new group, first studies, the first scholarship, the first credits and exams. At the first year I was appointed as a group leader. Responsibility is my main distinguished feature. I approached thoughtfully and seriously to any problem, so I demonstrated good results in my studies, and in relationships with groupmates and academic staff. I was very lucky with my group: very versatile, intelligent, and responsive fellow students studied there who were always ready to help, so it was very easy for me to perform my duties as a leader. I remember writing together the protocols for classes, making messages, working on creative projects. The time was gliding fast ...

During my 2nd year, I actively engaged in research activities at the Department of Clinical Microbiology. My scientific adviser was the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Okulich Vitaliy Konstantinovich, who gave me new opportunities in self-development, aspiration to engage in scientific work, participation in various scientific competitions, scientific and practical conferences not only within the university walls, but also in other universities of the country and abroad as well. Often I delivered reports at the meetings of Students’ Scientific Circles, at the intra-university, republican and international conferences. In 2014, I became a laureate of the republican competition of student scientific works, and in 2015, I was a prize-winner of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus named after V.F. Kuprevich for students.
On 4th academic year, I was appointed as a leader of the Students’ Scientific Circle in faculty surgery, and at the end of the academic year, together with the other students, I was lucky to undergo a surgery practical training on clinic sites of Samara State Medical University.

As a fifth-year student, I was engaged in scientific activities at the Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimatology. Owing to this, it influenced my further choice of a specialty in the pre-graduate internship. My elder brother, an anesthesiologist and reanimatologist, played a specific role in my decision as well. During my student years, I studied hard. My efforts and merits were highly appreciated, and I was awarded the Presidential Scholarship.

Student life is a wonderful time. And if I had a chance to choose a profession again, then I would definitely decide to become a doctor. Selflessness and unselfishness, love for people and the desire to help them - these are inseparable qualities of a modern doctor.

I want to thank the faculty members of all the Departments for their patience, responsiveness, benevolent attitude and ability to lead the students, discovering the unknown and unstudied to them, for inspiring them to conquer new heights. I want to express special gratitude to all the staff of the Department of Clinical Microbiology and the Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimatology, the Heads of the Chairs - Professor Generalov I.I. and Ph.D., Assistant Professor Nikitina E.V., my direct scientific supervisors Ph.D., Associate Professor Okulich V.K., and Ph.D., Associate Professor Mamas A.N. I am very grateful to the university administration for their support and for opportunity to fully realize myself in scientific work.

Victoria Zemko, graduate of General medicine Faculty