Osochuk Alexander

ОсочукThe university has inculcated several new qualities on me that now largely define me as a person and as a future specialist. This is the understanding of my profession - the final choice of specialization, a clear idea of its specifics and possible risks. This would be impossible without a high level of theoretical training and without the clinical sites of the university, thanks to which the horizon is expanded, experience is gained, the preferences and strengths of each student are revealed.

This is also the ability to learn, think, experience and analyze. The ability to truly understand the reality and critically approach a huge amount of data. The formation of interest in the learning processes and mastering the profession is a great merit of indifferent academic staff, true professionals, who inspire and guide students with their example and experience.

Education at the university embodies such an important aspect in the formation of an integral human personality, as an opportunity for professional and creative realization, the ability to newly communicate, that is, to accept people with all their advantages and disadvantages, the ability to find compromises.