Matskevich Natalia

МацкевичIt seems that only yesterday I passed the CT and applied to the Admission Committee, and now I'm already a pre-graduate intern and a graduate. During these 6 years we have experienced a lot and gone through. It is nice to see so many innovations aimed at improving the educational process and the life of students. I think the policy of close contacts of the rector with students is very correct and necessary. We always enjoy meeting with Anatoly Tadeushevich, whether it is any official meetings, sports events, or concerts. To see the support of the university administration and attention to what you are doing is always pleasant.

In particular, I would like to mention one of the latest innovations - the tutorial movement. I very much hope that it will be successful and become an integral part of students’ life. Personally, I had a little lack of support at freshman courses from older comrades, who could give an advice, suggest how to study more effectively, etc. I am pleased that our younger students have the opportunity to receive help from senior students who themselves have gone through all the problems and can help in solving them like nobody else. I am a tutor myself and actively try to participate in the life of my supervised group.

All six years spent at VSMU I admire our library full of textbooks and scientific literature available for the students. Many latest scientific journals, both in Russian and English, can be found in the reading rooms. The University constantly restocks the literature funds, doing its best to provide us with the latest publications in various fields of medicine.

It is also pleasant that our university so rapidly establishes relations with medical universities of other countries. It is very useful for students to find themselves in another environment, to learn something from foreign colleagues. I hope that this trend will be preserved not only in relation to Russia and Kazakhstan, but also spread to foreign countries.

An integral part of my student’s life has always been a student club. For 6 years I actively participated in a social life of my university, which always gave me a huge number of positive emotions and infuse a motivation to study.
I am a little sad to realize I will soon graduate from my favorite university. I will always remember these wonderful 6 years spent here with trembling and happiness and I will always proudly say I have graduated from it.

I would like to wish everyone a cheerful and productive student life, health and unfailing love for people and medicine.