Khalil Mousa

Halil Musa

Highly respected Dean’s Office of the Overseas Students Training Faculty!

I was very happy to receive your letter, which was like a balm to my heart: it reminded me of those years I spent at the Vitebsk Medical Institute.

I want to thank you for all my medical knowledge and skills acquired while studying at the institute. Many years passed, but I still remember the kind-hearted rector of the VSMU, Prof. Sachek Mikhail Grigorievich, and the intelligent person Nikolsky Mikhail Alexandrovich, the dean of the Overseas Students Training Faculty, many distinguished professors, associate professors and qualified academic staff, laboratory assistants of different chairs of the VSMU.

I am planning to participate in the memorable event - the Thirtieth Meeting of Alumni of 1988, and I look forward to this event.

Now I work as a neonatologist in Saudi Arabia, in a specialized hospital of King Fahd, Tabuk. The department contains 45 beds and provides medical help to the maternity hospitals of the city and Emarat Tabuk regions.

I am very glad that I graduated from the Vitebsk Medical Institute, which gave me great skills, both in theory and in practice.

I would like to express special gratitude to all the academic staff for their support during my academic years, benevolent attitude and understanding! I wish you prosperity and good luck in all innovations.

I want to express my deep gratitude to all the staff of the Dean's office of the Overseas Students Training Faculty, especially the generous, brilliant, and caring Deputy Dean Vysotskay Faina Ivanovna for a conscientious, fair and friendly attitude towards her graduates.

I want to wish all the employees success in work, health and prosperity to their esteemed university.

I would always remember the most remarkable moment when I got a diploma and became a member of the VSMU family on 26 June 1988. And the most sad moment when I left Belarus on July 2, 1988

With respect and appreciation.