Thilini Jayasinghe

Thilini 1The University is a place where we can collect knowledge about studies, our life and the world.

Just after we finish our school we enter to the University to get knowledge about our life. Truly it’s not about our сarrier. It’s about our life.

I am Thilini Jayasinghe who was dreaming about University studies 9 years and enter very late to the University. I enter to Vitebsk State Medical University in 2012. This year, most accurately today I am graduating. I am glad to say that this University was a perfect place to an any person to be graduated.

From the first year I met most kind teachers who were thinking about students than their own life. They taught us and advised us to go through the life during these 6 years.

Every control test, every exam we have done helped us to measure our knowledge. As well as every moment we spent here without our parents helped us to understand life and society, the human being.

I am not an excellent student in the batch but I collected knowledge from the teachers and books.

In Vitebsk city I met kind people. They were ready to help us anytime.

In Vitebsk city there are so many beautiful places and calm places where you can enjoy as well as rest.

I must thank all deans’ office staff, who was kind and helpful in the University.

And I remember respectfully all the teachers who taught me, and helped me to study and understand the life with heartfilled kindness.

And I should remind and thank all the non academic staff of the University, who was very kind and helpful for us during these 6 years.

Thank you Vitebsk State Medical University to give me an opportunity to complete my first degree.

At last I am going to miss my University and this huge city.

Thank you my University and I will miss You Forever.

Thilini 2