Raveendran Uma Gayathrie

Равиндран Ума ГаятриеA stone is merely a stone to most people until it has falls in the hands of a sculptor. In the stone he sees something that others were blind to. He puts his trust on it and begins to work. For years he labors, sacrificing his own precious time, putting the stone through immense pressure and extreme temperature while hurting himself in the process. He carves every detailto perfection and then polishes it gently for years, like a mother caresses her infant, until finally the stone is ready for the world to see – not merely another stone now, but a carefully sculpted beautiful work of Art.

My story is very similar to that of the stone. I was just another ordinary person, but today I walk out of the hands of my sculptor with a heart full of gratitude and love, ready for the world to see that I am more than just a stone.

Thank you VSMU!

Raveendran Uma Gayathrie, graduate of Overseas Students Training Faculty