A Sweet Ending to a New Beginning «Farewell-2023»

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Farewell of Xanthrons (batch of 2023) held on 28th of May at U Ganna Restaurant which was organised by Stallions (Batch of 2025). Ms. Maria Alexevna, Ms. Lobov Igorevna, Dr. Denesh Nithyanandadeva, Dr. R.Nirmalan, Sri Lankan Union President Mr.Haznath Razool and Indian Union President Mr.Prathiv Chakravarthee lighted the traditional oil lamp to symbolise the beginning of the event. The evening was very emotional for all of us as our seniors have come down to their last few days of student life. Xanthrons as a batch have been an enormous source of support and inspiration for all the juniors. 

A phenomenon dance performances were brought to us by our dear Xanthrons and Stallions. Musical group “Lunu Dehi” made the evening more colourful with some amazing music. All the seniors were given a souvenir as an appreciation of their contribution to VSMU.

As Xanthrons walked down the memory lane with hearts full of happiness and sorrow of leaving beautiful VSMU, batch of 2023 will go on the history of our university as the most versatile batch to ever graduate. With a dance floor crowded by happy souls, yet another unforgettable event came to an end followed by dinner. All of us are proud of Xanthrons and we wish each and everyone of you a bright and successful future ahead and thanks Stallions for giving their blood, sweat and tears in order to make this event a success.  

Mandakini Thennakoon 2nd course group 42 FOST

Ishini Sammani 2nd course group 46 FOST 

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