VSMU joined the project of the charitable foundation of Alexei Talay “Children of Belarus - veterans and future generations”

deti Belarusi 02On April 15, 2024, a ceremonial installation of a flask for collecting coins that will be included in the alloy of the memorial sign “Living Memory of Grateful Generations” took place at VSMU.

The event was attended by the VSMU Rector Alexey Chukanov, the university staff and students, the representatives of VSMU public associations, and Lidia Shishko, a representative of the Alexey Talai Foundation for the Vitebsk Region.

Participants joined the project of Alexei Talay’s charitable foundation “Children of Belarus for Veterans and Future Generations” by replenishing a flask for collecting coins with metal banknotes.

This action became a vivid manifestation of the patriotic feelings of people of different generations, united by the memory of our compatriots.

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