Advanced training course for young specialists on the topic “Emergency conditions and resuscitation in cardiology”

course for young 01At VSMU, at the Department of Hospital Therapy and Cardiology with a course of FAT and PR from 08/04/2024 to 19/04/2024, for the first time, a refresher course was held for young specialists - anesthesiologists-resuscitators, cardiologists, emergency doctors, general practitioners, doctors -therapists on the topic “Emergency conditions and resuscitation in cardiology.”

The program is aimed at improving techniques and methods for assessing the condition of patients in emergency conditions in cardiology, mastering a set of measures to provide emergency care to patients with cardiac pathology, studying clinical aspects and the significance of functional studies in the differential diagnosis of emergency conditions in diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Mastering the content of the educational program for advanced training “Emergency conditions and resuscitation in cardiology” will ensure the provision of qualified medical care by aspiring young specialists.

course for young 02