Students and staff of VSMU touched the history and culture of the Pskov land

Pskov 01On April 20, 2024, the primary trade union organizations of employees and students of Vitebsk State Medical University organized a tourist and excursion trip “Orthodox Rus'”. The VSMU staff and students went on an interesting journey through the Pskov lands, where they visited the main historical and architectural ensemble, the “Pskov Pompeii”, the main defensive sites and spiritual treasuries.

Pskov land is a region with an amazing history, a region that can be called the keeper of Russian antiquity. More and more significant events in Russian history are somehow connected with the Pskov region.

The first stop was the city of Izborsk. Tourists visited the Truvorovo settlement, the miraculous Slovenian springs, as well as the Izborsk fortress, during which they learned about medieval fortification and the glorious history of the fortress, which took part in several battles and remembers Alexander Nevsky himself.

Further, as part of the trip program, the tourists from VSMU visited the Pechora Fortress, which protects the buildings of the active male Pskov-Pechersky Holy Dormition Monastery, famous for its amazing architectural ensemble, its caves and the miraculous icon of the “Assumption of the Mother of God.”

The sightseeing tour of Pskov included an introduction to such sights as the Olginskaya Chapel, the Pokrovsky complex, the Gremyachaya Tower, military glory squares, merchant chambers, and Varlaamovsky Corner. Of particular interest to tourists was a visit to the Pskov Kremlin, which forms a single historical and architectural ensemble with the Dovmont city and the Troitsky Cathedral.

The trip was remembered by a lot of positive emotions, allowing us to plunge into the history of Ancient Rus. The VSMU staff and students thanked for the well-organized route and the opportunity to spend useful time.

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