Educational forum of the public association "Belarusian Women's Union"

forum bsj 01On April 23-24, 2024, the educational forum “Woman Leader Changes the World” is taking place. This is a joint project of the primary organizations "Belarusian Women's Union" of VSMU and VSU named after. P.M. Masherov, and it will be held at two sites: April 23 on the territory of VSMU, April 24 on the territory of VSU named after. P.M. Masherova.

The target audience of the project is students from higher educational establishments of Vitebsk. The forum covers all aspects of women's health.

The speakers are students, medical specialists, practicing psychologists, and masters of public speaking and media. The interest shown by young people in the forum speaks of the relevance and practical significance of the issues being considered.

The forum will benefit all those present; new knowledge will help improve the general level of culture of our youth.

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