Social project “Film lecture hall “Dormitory” at VSMU

kinolektor obj 01On April 23, 2024, an event was held at VSMU within the framework of the social project “Film lecture hall “Dormitory”.

The goal of the project: spiritual, moral and patriotic education of young people through social and artistic educational films.

The speakers of the event were: Alexey Sviridov, the director, screenwriter, producer, actor, teacher and business coach on personal growth and the laws of drama; Artem Makhakeev, the journalist of the SOYUZ TV channel; Kopelev Alexander, the official representative in the Republic of Belarus of the Russian Club of Orthodox Patrons, the member of the Church and Public Council for Culture of the Belarusian Orthodox Church; the Chairman of the missionary department of the Vitebsk diocese of the Belarusian Orthodox Church, the Priest Pavel Bartkov.

The VSMU students, after watching the social films “Mom, I’ll Grow Up” and “Tuning Fork of Happiness,” were able to ask the project participants questions and share their impressions of the films.

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