Competition program "Miss VSMU-2024"

miss VGMU 2024 01“Miss VSMU-2024” show was held elegantly, brightly and on a large scale!10 students of our university competed for the main title - “Miss VSMU-2024”.

Throughout the competition, the participants surprised the audience with creative performances, demonstrating their talents and originality.

Together with the participants, we believed in the fairy tale, found answers to tricky questions, fought fears, felt sad, rejoiced and simply enjoyed the energy that reigned in the hall.

And the most striking moments of the show were the fashion shows of the participants in different images.

Choosing the main beauty was not an easy decision for the jury!

According to the results of the competition, Valeria Krasikova became the winner of the title “Miss VSMU-2024”.

 “First Vice-Miss VSMU” and “Miss Creativity” - Maria Fando;

“II Vice-Miss VSMU”, “Miss Grace” and “Miss Audience Choice Award” - Sheli Samultseva;

“Miss Charm” - Darina Nesterenko;

“Miss Uniqueness” - Daria Lopatina;

“Miss Sincerity” and “Miss Friendship” - Valeria Pobyarzhina;

"Miss Charisma" - Dilakshi Netmini;

“Miss Confidence” - Maria Morozik;

“Miss Smile” - Valeria Krasikova;

“Miss Ambitiousness” - Polina Ivanova;

"Miss Creative" - ​​Rosin Mukelenge.

FOR THE FIRST TIME our university organized and fully financed the event, and by decision of the university administration, a live television broadcast of the “Miss VSMU-2024” competition was organized, which allowed everyone to plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday!

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