Dear veterans, employees and students of the university! Please accept most sincere congratulations on Victory Day!

9 mayaVictory Day is a significant and dear date for our country. We remember the efforts with which the Great Victory was achieved, we honor the exploits and achievements of our ancestors, the memory of those who died, and we care about those who are still with us.

This day reminds us of the terrible trials that our people faced, but thanks to unity and strength, we were able to win Victory. We stood together, supporting each other in difficult times, and never forgot about our history and true values.

Today we must preserve this spirit of unity, pass on history to future generations so that they understand how important it is to preserve the peace and freedom achieved by our ancestors.

Happy holiday, dear friends! Good health, prosperity to you and your loved ones, bright and peaceful skies above your heads!

The trade union committee of VSMU employees