"Star Walk" of VSMU students and staff

pesh pohod 01Today the VSMU students and staff went on a two-day “Star Walk” dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders.

The route of tourists is as follows: Vitebsk - Osipenki village - Vysochany village - Misnitskoye lake - Kopti agricultural town - Vitebsk. Along the route, travelers visit the Liozny Museum of Local Lore, military memorials and burial places of Red Army soldiers who died during the liberation of our Motherland during the Great Patriotic War.

Ahead of everyone awaits communication with the amazing nature of their native land, smoky food cooked over a fire, sports and tourism competitions and songs with a guitar under the starry sky...

The organizers of the hike were the university administration, the sports club and trade union organizations of the students and employees of VSMU.

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