Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of VSMU

meeting nts 01On May 28, 2024, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council was held, at which the reports for the 1st half of 2024 on the implementation of SPSR tasks were approved, the research project was reviewed and recommended for participation in the SPSR project competition, a monograph was recommended for publication, and candidates were nominated for participation in an open republican competition for the appointment of scholarships from the President of the Republic of Belarus to talented young scientists for 2025, as well as university staff were familiarized with the introduction into force of the Instruction on assessing the results of scientific activities of departments.

Diplomas of the winners of the competition for students and young scientists “Innovative developments in medicine - Medical aspirations -2024” were awarded to: Dmitry Mychko, Anastasia Gromyko, Pavel Egorov, Victoria Zemko, Taisiya Lepteeva, Nina Mikhalkova, Anastasia Nesterenok, Olga Prishchepenko.

For active work in the student scientific society the following were awarded the University Certificate: Nikolai Lyalkov, Ekaterina Mikhailova, Arina Orlova, Daria Pinkovskaya, Ekaterina Usova, Victoria Chaika.

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