Victory at XI International Professional Competition for University Staff "Pedagogical Discovery 2021: University"

Golenova diplom 1On March 10, 2021, Moscow hosted the XI International Professional Competition for University staff "Pedagogical Discovery 2021: University", attended by 495 higher professional educational institutions from Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and other countries. 

Golenova Irina Aleksandrovna, the Head of Department of Medical and Biological Physics of VSMU, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, took part in this competition and won a landslide victory in two categories: pedagogical sciences (1st place) and physical and mathematical sciences (1st place).

The main goals of the competition were the development and promotion of innovative pedagogical technologies, the formation of information culture of academic staff, increase in their professional level and pedagogical skills, presentation and inculcation of pedagogical experience and best pedagogical developments.
The level of innovativeness of competitive projects served as the global criterion for evaluating personal projects.
Following the competition results, our university took the honorable 3rd place, thereby entering the TOP-10 results rating of higher educational institutions.